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  • I failed to notice because the original post mentioned nothing, there was no evidence of character applications from what i saw, and i just wanted to peacefully participate. Then what do you do? You get all butt hurt and start calling me out not only in that thread but also in my own, which now is killing the thread as you suck the idea into the void and twist it into a flame war. If the owner wanted me to apply, i wouldve seen it had he put the link in the original post. None of this was in the original thread, i never saw it at all. And perhaps i never took time to notice because im not a huge roleplayer, but apparently your section is for the hardcore pack of virgins who roleplay all the time and know all the rules. I mean no hostility in my remarks, but seriously, if you want a good, much more active roleplay section, then post a sticky or something stating the rules of the section. I focused on the weapons in my thread because it was in the battle section, where theres supposed to be combat-oriented threads, but apparently since i wanted to elaborate a tiny bit on who my character is before his first fight its automatically story based. Never again do i want to see you or any others underestimate my intelligence, as im merely tired and im thinking at half capacity right now. to be frank its quite retarded that you people would fight so ravenously and become so hostile over a stupid roleplay. I mean, seriously, its a damn roleplay, its a figment of everyones imagination, if someone wants to play, just state the rules of the roleplay in the OP and then let them talk.
    My greater point was that those who care about story, character interactions and development generally prefer background information on other peoples' characters, and a summary of their personality, to add more depth to their interactions. If you're only wanting battles, that's fine, but when people here make an actual roleplay, they're generally looking for narrative- and character-driven content. My point was never about the power levels of characters, but that you thought of that first signals to me that your primary concerns with characters are their abilities and weapons, which is often the most important thing for combat, but hardly so for actual plot.

    I'd say the underestimation of your intelligence and/or maturity is at least somewhat warranted. You went into the discussion thread of the Keyblade War RP, and failed to notice that people were applying/posting characters. You also failed to notice the manager was responding to those same character posts with suggestions and/or acceptance. You didn't enquire about anything in that thread. You posted in the roleplay itself without notice. Now either you visited the signups thread first and then posted in the roleplay, in which case you're somewhat daft, or you posted in the roleplay then checked out the signups thread. From there, you either still managed to not notice anything of import, or you did but then never acknowledged it publicly. I'm having a go at you because you've somehow managed to miss out on some of the most fundamental basics of KHI's roleplaying section, or even one particular project that caught your interest.
    Yes, why is that so absurd to you? If a roleplay manager has people wanting to join, how else are they supposed to give someone the okay when they have no idea what their characters do, are capable of, act like, etc? I mean, if that's the standard of 12 year olds doing MSN roleplaying, that's fine, but it's not how we do things here.
    Best of luck to you, though I know that many people prefer templates because it lets them get a useful summary of a character.
    Hi, me again! Sorry, but I had to remove the image in your sig because the site it was hosted on either contains malware or causes false positives, which set off everyone's alerts.
    Hello! About Reagan Rayden's post in the Academy Awards thread, he's referring to the forum member Xaldin, who recently broke the world record for the Mario 64 speed run. Just thought you deserved an explanation for his response!
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