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  • :D

    Good, I guess. I'm suffering from back pain non-stop. T_T So that sucks. And the earliest I can get in to see the doctor is Friday, so about three more days of suffering.
    Yeah... I think that before I really expand it, I need to sit down and think about what I want to do with this story and how far I want to take it. That, and maybe tweak some more things in the first chapter.
    Sadly, no. T.T I'm trying though. I have a lot of different ideas, and they all clash with each other, so I need to get them all sorted before I try and write it.
    I'd assume that peoples' hearts had already had darkness within them, aside from the BwHoPL.

    It doesn't sound too probable to me, but who knows? You may be onto something here. ;)

    It's not problem at all.
    Oh ok, glad you did a search before you actually went through it.

    It's not that bad, personally I can't really say much about it. But considering what little information we have about them it would be hard to wrap our minds around them being "materialized darkness" that alone sounds somewhat like the process in which a emblem heartless is made.

    You might have to half ass it, but it's up to you; using some other facts wouldn't hurt either.
    Hm. Well, what are things you like? That's one thing. I like pictures of flowers. :3 That's what helped me figure out my name.
    So many people complained about the rep and it was being abused, so all the rep was reset. Hence why I have so much less than what I had before. ^^;

    Stop, you'll make me blush! :D
    Well, we had a rep reset. o.o Don't know if you were there for it or not.

    I've been trying to. It hasn't really flowed as well as it did when I wrote the first part. :/

    Well, I recently had installed Vista on my computer and on the computer in the sample pictures was this picture of a flower called a 'Frangipani'. I looked it up online and another name for it in Sri Lanka is 'Araliya', so that's how I got my new name.
    You can call me whichever. XD I have people who still call me Rei, and I have people who now call me Ara. Either one is fine.
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