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  • It would have. :) Or better yet, the machine showing up in the end and kicking Marluxia's ass and becoming Namine's hero.
    Lol. No, I live in the US. Right, smack-dab in the middle of it too. So, going to Europe would be fun.
    Because I was still upset over something that happened yesterday.

    Because my French teacher wants to take the class on a field trip there. :D
    It's been alright, I guess. I woke up with a foul mood, but cheered up around 1st hour. :D I might be going to France! And possibly London!
    No, it doesn't. Though some members take rep very seriously. I don't really care either way. Either way, people still rep me. D': For random things, it seems.
    I don't have much rep power either. 6 points. Woohoo. You can easily make that up by getting someone to positive rep you.
    I nega-repped someone, but because they were using a great amount of profanity. =/ And it was completely unnecessary.
    Hey man, thanks for accepting my Friendship Request. I'm looking forward to having a great friendship with you.
    I could. :3

    Everyone would love the machine as the ruler of Radiant Garden. :3 He'd live in Ansem's old castle and could give his natural machine-intelligence input about how to fix the defense system.
    I don't know what to change it to though. =/

    That's so sad and so true. Hm... We've seen Xehanort pretend to be a ruler of Radiant Garden; I wonder how the other apprentices would do! :D!
    Heehee. Xeirei looks a little weird to me though in red. It's probably because I'm not used to it yet, but... It's different. :D!

    No, no Ansem can't. >: Can't even destroy a fake Kingdom Hearts properly.
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