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  • Yeah, despite saying it at least 3 times already. Man, only 15 more posts! =D

    Hey... o.o What's with strange people I don't know visiting my page? D':
    Yes! Of course, Iridium predicted me hitting Premium I guess a few weeks over. >: So I'm a little behind schedule. But that won't stop meh! :D I has the machine on my side!
    That would be awesome, though, to have that machine as a party member. :) Much more useful than Donald Kairi.
    Haha well I can definitely understand that.
    Actually it's kind of depressing. I was gone for two days and when I came back the threads I was in pretty much all died.
    So I don't know where I'm going from here.

    Feels to me like it's died a lot in the month that I've been here.
    Heyyy. I haven't seen you in any of the threads I've been to in at least a week. Whyyy? ;_;

    "Come back to us, Roxas Insomniac."
    It's awesome. :3

    But he changed it because people kept mispelling it. XD; I think I spelled it right...

    Lol. People still misspell my name sometimes. Hence, my sig.
    Did you see his name before? Yttrixium, I think. @.@ That's cool to have come up with that.
    :D Insomniac's a cool name.

    But see, it's when you see such cool names like, "Iridium" you wonder how they came up with it in the first place. D:
    No, it's not something a smartass would do. Something a smartass would do is to let the suggestion fly over his head and completely ignore/give illegitamate replies to evidence.

    Oh wait.
    your response to said exhibit:

    Again you make no sense. Pay attention to the entire series.

    That's just irrelevant.

    There might not even be one there to deny.

    Audo's statement also pointed out the main reason why this theory Failed.
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