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  • To be completely honest, I'm just tired of it. Most of the people on there have nothing interesting to say. I checked out the home page during TGS, found out some new info, and was done with that. Plus, I gotta take a break from KH. I'd rather be out of the mood now, then when the games actually come out. So, anyway, how've you been?
    Well, my aunt is kind of a moron anyway. All she does is smoke and decay on her couch.
    She tried to tell me that dinosaur bones were put into the earth by Jesus to screw with our minds.

    Well, Chi Hua Huas just scare me. Those naked dogs, too.
    A bull dog snotted all over my shirt one time at a garage sale when I was seven and I remember it a distinctly horrible.
    Shitzus have massive amounts of wet gunk in their eyes, and my aunt has a bunch and I just think they're creepy.
    And Rott attacked me at my old apartment when I was one, and it also pooped all over.
    I've heard bad things about Pit Bulls.

    So, yeah. D:
    My dog's a pain, though. She barks at passer-by and my kitty all the time.

    I hope you get your Corgi/dog some day. :3
    The only dogs I would never get are those naked ones, Chi Hua Huas, Shitzus, bulldogs, rott wielers, and pit bulls.

    I've had several scary experiences with them.
    Yeah, I might just keep it the way it is until I get into using it some more.
    Slips happen, but das okay!

    lol Hilarious pic.
    Indeed it needed to be done. XD
    Her name is Phoebe.
    Yeah, I was messing around with it for about 30 secs before stopping. =p
    Probably would match with my avy and it might be kinda Halloweeny (good lord, my words o_O).
    Oh my. xP

    My dog likes to have sex with my Meowth Pillow, much to my dismay.
    Oh, she knew? I wasn't really paying that close attention, I guess.
    Gavin edited the thread so that he got last post. But good job on that, anyways. :D

    It really does bring things out.
    I'll probably keep mine the way it is. I'm lazy like that. ^^;
    Lucky you! I've been busy most of the day! XD
    Layouts pretty cool! Purples and blue remind me of genies =P
    Okay, so, I think the whole Star Light thing was more than a little unneccesary.
    I know she's an unbearable nit, but that was sort of bordering on abuse.
    I dunno. It just seemed really mean.

    Ah, well.
    hur hur, you are in a complimenty mood arent you?

    i am such a rep whore, haha. oh well, i will just keep postin till then.

    Somber Sorrows and Magnastorm sound uber delicious as well! you come up with pwnsome names, ya know that? they all sound good
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