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  • Ok, your name is iwrestledabreaonce and you have a Oli Sykes sig... I definitely think we should be friends XD
    Mission accomplished =D hope you enjoy your Duskull, and again sorry for the wait.

    Also, lmfao at the Murkrow's name xD
    Well I lurked just to make sure you were on, so yeah, just give me a minute to enter the pokecenter and I'm ready. Need to exchange FC's though.
    Sorry, going through some personal things atm; I should be on tomorrow. Sorry to keep you waiting :(
    Oh don't worry, a junk pokemon is just fine, I'm pretty much stocked up on what I need :3 and ok, I'll go for one tonight and see how it goes. By tomorrow I should have it for you.
    Just thought it would be a good idea to drag the convo here instead; didn't want to cluttered up the thread more then I already have. A Magby would be nice, though, do you have any Psychic or Ghost types you're willing to give up? If not then a Magby or any other random pokemon you don't want is fine.

    Also as for your Duskull, does nature or gender matter to you?
    Lol :)
    Sup indeed.
    I don't know whether I'm more surprised you're here, or to be more shocked at myself. Since me posting here is entirely unnecessary, not only cos it's like 2am, but because I clearly have better things to do.
    If KHI was like facebook, and you could have relationship statuses, then mine would be like married to "Iwrestledabearonce", since we never got divorced...more separated.
    Anyway, is life treating you well? Are you still into parkour and guitar? :)
    Keep writing; you'll find your voice eventually, and once you do that, just keep writing. I would direct you to some resources, but I feel as if writing is a very personal, natural thing; teaching it is hard and in some cases obstructive.

    That said, just send me/link me to whatever you write, and I'll try to give you some feedback. If you ever want to talk about it or anything, just add me on MSN.
    Yo muthafucka. Man I been great. What bout yu?

    I added yu on Xbox live but, yu never added me.
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