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  • nah, i have it on psn. i got it when it was first released because i'm too impatient :( haha
    if worse comes to worst then i'll just buy one from gamestation or something and get the amazon one refunded at a later date. i just don't want to miss out D: haha.
    i just ordered from amazon. something has me worrying though, at the end of the transaction it said the estimated delivery would be the 26th. is this is the same with you? i don't want to be waiting until monday to get it D:
    thanks for the help :) i think i'll order from amazon too, i hope it comes on the day though :mad:

    yeah, i can't wait for it :) last week it was updated around 3:30-4:00. hopefully it'll be the same (earlier would be great, but i don't think it will be.)

    i really can't wait to use Kain, he looks like he has some very intricate gameplay.
    hey i was just wondering if you knew where the best place to preorder deudecim from was. seeing as you're our resident uk ff guru, haha. i mean, i know in america if you preorder from amazon you get tifa's alt (which is what i want the most), but i'm not sure if it's the same over here.
    I take that back IX is my new favorite. Been. Playing that for the last 2 days
    I plan to play it as soon as I beat IX, keep in mind that I only started playing FF last year.

    OK well Kain was my 1st guess I knew It was A Dragoon, & the only Dragoons I know are Kain (fom duodecim trailers) & Freya

    Ive played:
    IX (currently playing this one)
    XII(stopped after the 1st judge cause it was boring)

    I plan to play X & XI, and the remakes of III & IV for the DS

    which ones have you played?
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