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    Quick Question on the "How"

    So are you saying that they came from Kingdom Hearts to the crossroads then to Castle Oblivion then back to the crossroads and then to twilight town? I noob so I'm getting really confused here... JafarAlfalfa
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    happy kingdom hearts COM day!! everybody

    One whole year! I can't believe you remembered the date it was released. Happy KH:COM Day everyone!. JafarAlfalfa
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    Namine Question

    Just think about it, let's say Namine is a nice person (she probably is), and she was forced to mess around and screw up some nice person who she doesn't even knows's memories, how would she feel? She would obviously feel bad, and she doesn't need to know Sora to feel bad, She just needs a...
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    who is your fave COM unknown.

    Since everyone died in COM except for Axel, none of them should be reappearin in KH2 except for Axel right? I think its a pity cos some characters like Zexion have really cool abilities. JafarAlfalfa
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    stuff that sucks in kh : chain of memories

    It seem like everyone hates Riku's pre-set decks, but actually I thought it was pretty alright. After all, we got to edit Sora's deck. It was something new for a change. JafarAlfalfa
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    Tron confirmed

    Tron seems quite interesting. Sora, Goofy and Donald all have new costumes, the world is more unique than the others because its different, what's there not to like? JafarAlfalfa
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    What do we know about weapons in KH2? And what do we hope for?

    There will probably be keys from new worlds like Pride Rock and TRON. The old keys would probably turn too. JafarAlfalfa
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    Post your deck & favorite world!

    Wow, how did you get all those cards? And how much CP do you have to put them in your deck? Actually, i fell that is is safer to have a 9 deck than a 0 deck because of cardbreaks like Tuesmiddt said.
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    A little TRON to show you all

    I think that TRON would be quite an interesting world. Just because its different doesn't mean its bad. JafarAlfalfa
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    Sora TRON Pictures

    Wow! Cool keyblade! I also love the TRON clothes! JafarAlfalfa
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    Was chain of memories really neccessary?

    I would think it wasn't necessary. More of like an extra bit of info for those who want to know and to keep our interest in KH while we wait for KH2. But it was fun nonetheless. JafarAlfalfa
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    Need help on KH:CoM

    For Riku, I had very few attack cards like about 10. My attack cards were either 8,9 or 0. Riku plays really high cards so you definitele need alot of zeros to break his Dark Aura. I also Put in 7 cures(didn't really care about the numbers, every single cure in my inventory) to do curagas. Only...
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    opinion on drive form,kh2 topic!

    Hmm... I think you should make the white hood one because it's the official art. Anyway, it's quite minute so it shoudn't matter much even if it was meant to be black. Anyway, u have the white one in your sig right? :) JafarAlfalfa
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    Actually, how powerful is she? Could she say pu therslef in Ansem's mind and control him? Or screw up anyone's memories? She would be pretty dangerous that way. JafarAlfalfa
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    I think she meant that she was inferior to Kairi. I mean, like Kairi is so important to Sora so what she can be is but a mere shadow of her?