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    This might be a good spot to find some ingredients

    Someone told me I could find some ingredients in this forum...over...and over...and over again... XD
  2. J

    Gotta Be Honest...

    ...I gotta agree with the points he's stating...Just watch and tell me what you guys think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAuo8sG6MtY
  3. J

    KHInsider Group Review

    (Minor spoilers) Hello All, I just beat the game and I know many of you along with myself are eager to either speak your opinions or hear other's. In reality I should wait until replaying the game or until more time has passed but I'm impatient :D. So anyone who would like to give their own...
  4. J


    I know that the leaks are old news but some idiot has been posting them up the past few days and it keeps showing up in my recommended feed. I've already reported him but I wanted to see if anyone else here can help report him too. If there are a bunch of reports about him, maybe they'll delete...
  5. J

    How do you think as an average player? As an Intimate Player?

    I'm a bit jealous of all of these hard core players that can do try all of that stuff. I do realize the main differences between people like them and me. They are willing to invest time. No matter how many times they lose, they keep trying no matter how many hours it takes. Where as me, I get...
  6. J

    Too Many Trailers? Too Many Spoilers?

    I'm not raging or upset. Nothing like that, but does anyone else feel like we're getting a little too much eye candy? I mean I get it. Everyone's been waiting for years and summer blockbuster movies do the same thing so maybe that's just how it is now a days. Maybe Nomura feels like it's not...
  7. J

    Your Top 15 Kindom Hearts Ost Tracks!

    Hey guys! Another musical thread! What songs do you have in your top 15? I had it at 10 at first but there's just too many to limit it to 10. Not including any Songs from Utada Hikaru. It doesn't have to be in order from least to greatest or anything. You can list any memories that you have...
  8. J

    Kingdom Hearts Music Reprisals

    I'm not sure if that was the right word to use lol. In any case, Hey guys! As we are all fans of the wonderful music in the series, I found something that I figured could be kind of fun for us for a little while. You know how there are sections of music that has a piece of a theme from another...
  9. J

    The Tokyo Team?

    As a casual player, I usually don't look into anything further beyond the games, (i.e. such as the people who make it). However with the long development time of years of waiting, you inevitably run into lots of different information. Only recently did I bother to learn about the Osaka Team, The...
  10. J

    KH Chi, Unchained, X, Union Cross, Back Cover...All Terrible

    IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED OR FINISHED ANY OF THE GAMES IN THE POST TITLE, SPOILERS ARE WITHIN I'm really sorry guys but I gotta vent here. To anyone that really likes these games, I don't wanna insult you so I'll try to tone it down a bit but I gotta be honest and I'm gonna rant for a bit...
  11. J

    Casual Players vs Hardcore Players: Gameplay Views.

    Hello all, I'm late to the party playing 0.2 and just beat it. After that, I looked up different reviews of the series gameplay as a whole and was curious if there are points of agreement between the two player types (not to say that they are completely ad odds with each other). Some say casual...
  12. J

    The Xehanorts of Xehanorts!

    Hello all, I realize that my posts, from the views of some, can make it seem like I nitpick too much about the series. I sometimes do but that's mostly because I like the series. In any case, rather than post something that picks at the series, I figured I'd post something about my favorite...
  13. J

    Kingdom Hearts Trio Friendship

    Before I start this post, I'm not trying to be a downer about different aspects of the Kingdom Hearts series. I'm merely bringing up my thoughts and opinions. I still feel some charm even for the things that aren't my favorites. In short I wanted get everyone's views of the different trios from...
  14. J


    I've always wondered what the big deal was with these two. I remember when people used to fight over these two saying things like "That's not a Disney movie! It's Pixar!" Even when it came to Kingdom Hearts, people used to use that logic to say Pixar movies don't belong in Kingdom Hearts games...
  15. J

    Kingdom Hearts World Immersion

    So I'm replaying all of the games getting prepped in having everything fresh in memory for Kingdom Hearts 3. I've given Kingdom Hearts II some grief but as I'm playing it again, I'm actually quite enjoying it like I did before. However When playing, I still can't help but compare the games to...