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  • I work somewhere lol I'd really rather not say. When I get a new job after I move I will tell you lol Ok got for it :D
    I guess they're the joys of being a bartender :p Sweet! What kind of novel is it, action, romance, horror, ect...?
    Lol I know exactly how you feel. I've been wanting to get some good books recently but can't bring myself to spen $20+ on a book. I need to find a good second hand shop around here.. Actually i'm moving closer to the city soon so that should make it easier to find one :D
    Yeah lol but i'm very anti spending money, not sure why tho.. Bartending sound good, does that mean you work late?
    Just a whole lot of random crap. Which all together costed me about 18 dollars :O

    Hmm, yeah I suppose it wouldn't be that bad..
    Just went out with my mum + sister, bought some stuff from the reject shop that I didn't need lol Now i'm watching tv while on here. :D Oh weekend work eh? Do you like working on the weekends?
    Could have been worse, I guess, but I definitively have a cold. Don't like that^^ I still did fairly well on the biology test I had. I think I did well at least, my teacher says I could have done better^^ So how was your day?

    I know my body is rejecting the math. At least my mind is! Somehow I dreamt about math, and it wasn't a nice dream... That's why I was so tired yesterday. I suppose it is kind of funny that I dreamt about math, though^^
    Yeah i'm pretty sure he gets it now that he can't wear his sisters clothes. It was pretty funny at the time tho.

    Took their time but the good old aldi tablets came through in the end, my headache is pretty much gone. Hurray.
    There is when he comes down the stairs wearing his sisters dress (It did happen once..)

    I know! Aldi is amazing. They have the things you didn't know people actually made- eg. chocolate covered potato chips. They were gooood.
    lol Oh I try, but he lives with 2 girls and no dad so he's abit girly..

    Nah I'm pretty sure it was panadol, just wasn't called it. Probably some cheapy brand from Aldi lol
    Lol then he would start crying and i'd have to give it back so he would be quiet -_- he's 4 btw.

    Yeah, I took Panadol, I think? Well it looked like panadol lol
    Woops, I posted my reply on my profile.. I said =
    She probably wouldn't actually, but my Nephew who comes over to play KH's would :p
    I would tell you but it's abit embarrassing so i'm not gunna... Anyways, I'm probably gunna go have a Nanny nap cause my head hurts :S Talk to ya later eh? :D

    But now i'm back cause it turns out laying down makes my headache worse ..Grrr. lol
    Yeah my brother was pretty desperate for money at that time. He sold them way under what they were worth too. Older Brothers are evil. I'm soon to have no Ps2 cause my sister bought it for my brother who was meant to pay her back the next day, but he never did so now she's claiimed it and just got engaged so now she's taking it when she leaves :( So I have to start saving. Probs gunna get a PS3 incase that's what KH3 comes out on :D
    Lol, sorry, as soon as I got on my mum wanted the computer.

    I haven't really got many PS2 games actually... I used to have tons but then our sony broke so my brother sold all of them -_- Then we got a new one and have about 6 games, only 2 of which are mine- Kh1 & 2 lol What about you?
    It's alright. I know I can delete those messages, but there's nothing on here people shouldn't know yet. I mean, it's no secret I'm Dutch, and that's about all that has really been said. So it's alright^^

    I should have worked harder when I still had time. Three more school weeks before summervacation, but enough work to fill three months! That's what it feels like anyway^^ It's probably not that bad... But it doesn't help that I feel like I'm getting a cold or something like that.
    Lol I know right? It's a BIG turn off to hear that manly noises from them. I mean really control yourselves -_-
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