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  • That good to hear :D. I see you going into Polytechnic??
    What book did you pick up that interest you.
    I have been fine too at work. Going to further study in university if i could this year hopefully =3
    I would have put these too but we can only put 10 images.

    Hmm.. I usually don't have any recommendation. What do you usually like to do for your past time??
    Yeah it was fun. Too bad my friends aren't joining me. Are you going to next year's convention? Join me, pls?
    Yeah it was fine. I'll being heading to the convention tomorrow, the admission fee is S$8, but if you want to check out some deals you can go here to find out.
    How did your last paper go. I heard about that i would love to go just not sure if the admission is free XD
    I'm having my last papers tomorrow. So tired, but I'm planning to head for AFAX 2010 (anime convention is at Suntec Convention Centre). You going?
    These are prefect. Thank you for sacrificing your free time to do this. I appreciate your help. I'll use them someday.
    Your work is done. Very well done. :D
    I have modify the name of the signature and i have made the background of the Avatar abit shinier is it ok if i put Ventus name in the Avatar or do you prefer Jean1000695?

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    Very well done. That hard work must have paid off. The signature's perfect. Though I prefer the letters to be jean1000695: Here to stay in KHI instead of Jean alone. (Sorry, sometimes hard to please.) I hope that doesn't take too much of your time.
    Thanks though it could be tiring XD

    here is the signature do tell me if there is any changes you want done :D
    i would get working on changing the avatar :D.

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    Ok, good luck earning money.

    You can take your time. I'll be waiting. Love the new layout; not very troublesome now that the AVG warnings are no more.
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