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    There are plenty of skaters in Henderson, NV :)
    That's all I grew up doing, tbh.
    That, and smoking haha.
    Haha, if they're California-things, I CBA to know about them ;p
    Cool that you're having fun, though.
    How long is the stay?
    Wow, I have heard of ZERO of those things, haha.
    Are they roller coaster rides? o.o''
    Ah, that's cool -- Though I never really liked California haha.
    What're you doing out there?
    Here's what you do:
    You tell this person, that you need to switch the order of transportation around.
    You make your way to the concert, on a bus.
    And they use that ride they were supposed to give you, to pick you up.
    Eh, eh? :)
    And I just realized I haven't befriended you yet.
    Yeah, I was talking about Dir en Grey haha.
    But eh, two new bands is better than one :)
    I'll have to check out all those songs later on. ^.^
    You should just bus it, or something.
    I can enjoy all music, but I mainly listen to Trace, Pop, Rap, Metal, and Country.
    I actually have a thread about that somewhere in the Music/Theatre board haha.
    I've actually never heard of this group.
    Recommend me some songs.
    And if I knew you, I'd drive you to and fro.
    What kind of music do you listen to?
    Aw, really?
    I didn't even know that.
    What did LVA win them for? I actually remember going there for a b-ball game, and my imagination depicts me seeing a grand trophy case, but I'm not sure.
    At Green Valley, I got caught smoking weed in the bathroom >.<
    At Del Sol, eh...That explanation can wait for later. :p
    And I'm a junkie beau -- I have no idea which Anime I've watched haha.
    I HAD a list saved in Microsoft Word so I could keep up, but my laptop crashed, and yeah D:
    My favorites though: Wicked City, Death Note, Blood+, Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Monster, Texhnolyze, Darker than Black, Gunslinger Girls, Mouryo No Hako, Gun X Sword, Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, Linebarrels of Iron, Heat Guy J, and others that don't come to mind haha. I reccomend ALL of them xD
    Yeah, I'd say it's the most popular HS.
    Apparently, it won a Grammy for music, but I never cared to look up the validity of that :p
    And it's just one of the schools I went to.
    I got expelled from there, got sent to Cowan continuation school, and then to Del Sol HS(have you ever of those?)
    Then, I got expelled from Del Sol, went to South Continuation school, and then to Desert Oasis HS, which is brand new, and that's where I graduated.
    Yup, of course I'm into Anime ^.^ It's one of my Four Pillars of Life(see my Interests for the other three).
    But...I would never go to a convention...I hate open social gatherings, and not even seeing my favorite female characters would make being around a bunch of people exciting :eek:
    Haha, thanks for saying you went to a magnet HS.
    I was reading that like, "Wtf...HOW long has she been in College???"
    But then I got to the end, and yeah :p
    I just went to a regular, zoned high school.
    Does Green Valley High School ring a bell?
    Yeah, I wanted to go into Animation as well...Till I found it that it isn't ALL about digital skill...You have to possess the ability to free-hand draw as well, and yeahhhhh...That is not me D: haha.
    I'll take that as you're a fan of Anime?
    Word, that makes sense.
    What kind of artist were you going to be?
    Oh, I see.
    What made you want to get into that field?
    Ah, word? Who are they? It'd be weird if I knew them o_O
    I major in Audio Production ^.^
    I also take video production classes(required, for the AP course).
    And I think UNLV just overshadows it haha.
    Rebels and all that.
    I go to the Art Institute of Las Vegas.
    Shit is gay.
    College, is gay.
    I've never heard of this Uni you plan on going to.
    Where is it? Here?
    Yup ^.^
    The city of Henderson, though.
    I've always wanted to go to Japan -- How is it?
    I've been here for a decade+ so I'm used to it haha.
    How long have you lived here?
    How's this Vegas weather treating you?
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