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  • Little warning: I do have limited time tomorrow, so if either one of us can't get on in time we'll have to reschedule. I have about a half hour schedule around 11. Earlier could be possible as well. Just send a message when you're online, I'll do the same.
    Wait, the male is the Special one, are you sure? 11am is sadly a no go (work), but the same hour on Saturday would be okay, that good for you?
    Good news everyone! I've bred 2 near perfect Marvel Scale Dratini! I've got a female with 31/31/31/x/31/31 and a Male with 31/x/31/31/31/31. Both of them have a Hardy nature (so nothing changes). Ordinarily Dragonite is more physically oriented than special, but it can learn a lot of Special moves too and its Sp. Attack is high enough for it to effectively run a mixed moveset. Which one do you want? (And do you want it to have a nickname?)

    That's a 5 hour difference, might be a small problem (I work, so I'm not always available ;) ) I am available for the next couple of hours though, give a holler if you can.
    What's your time zone? That way we can arrange something. I still have a bunch of leftover Dratini from when I bred mine, but I'll probably still have to do a little breeding first. :)
    I can also say that I'm 100% confident that Satsuki is going to get Nui's half of the Scissor Sword as a replacement for her katana.
    Likewise. I honestly can't watch Space Dandy until this show ends; SD wouldn't stand a chance against how much I love KLK. xD

    I'm entirely not sure. But if I had to guess... I think Satsuki will probably be evacuated to safety by Mako and her family, Ryuko will be whisked away by Ragyo and the Elite Four will have to handle the rest of the crap going on right now. Uzu will probably die in the line of duty.
    I jokingly called it back when the first or second episode aired, but ditched the idea after Ep 3 aired. Still. DAT EPISODE. o______o
    Idk if you've got it yet. I have a stream link for the new Sherlock episode

    VidX Den - we take streaming seriously!

    VidBull - Watch sherlock.3x03.his_last_vow.hdtv_x264-fov.mp4.mp4

    First one is kind of slow. Second one has pop-up ads you have to close first
    Also, this is the only time I'm going to say it: don't discuss staff matters via VM. We have a staff section and PM system for a reason.
    They were reported by two members via PM so, yes, they were deletion worthy. When members don't feel safe posting because they feel harassed then it's a no brainer.
    Yo Guard, if you're still interested (or missed my last message) in that Friend Safari, I added your fc. :)
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