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  • I see. Ah that sounds nice! Oh at least you got your hubby a gift. :) Ooh that's a nice Christmas tradition! Hopefully you enjoy it and yeah, like 9 days right? Ooh good idea! Tee-hee under the tree!

    Do you watch any Christmas specials on TV or anything?

    I'm done with my finals now, so yay! :) Hopefully I did well, my grades don't come up till January which is basically next year. :/
    Oh I see. Good luck with that then? Oh hopefully you do! Oh I see, that's nice. Ah that stinks but yeah, I know what you mean. Hopefully things do get better for you.

    I'm studying for my finals at the moment...I'll be done tomorrow though. :)
    Ah I see. Are you in college then or...? If you don't mind me asking. I see. Yeah so true right? The economy is so bad these days. It's not even funny. :/

    Also I'm studying mostly anything that gets me an associate's degree since I'm in community college. I think mostly anything English/Communications stuff since I'm interested in that career field. How about you? I'm going on vacation or staying home. I have no idea yet but I'm more likely going on vacation and I'm really excited!
    Oh that's really cool. Nope, I want it for my Christmas present, that or Birthday. I don't know when I'm getting it. If the latest, maybe next summer?
    I couldn't get it due to college and such. :/
    So what are your plans for the Holidays?
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