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  • hey!~~ thank you, actually this week is MUCH better since I almost finished and presented all works related to the practical/workshop stuff =D
    brighter days come my way, I'm sure, and holy keyblade, what a quality trailer we just got!!
    I hope your week will be awesome too! > 3 <
    @jnh71193 thanks! I haven't been on much bc of school but I'm hoping to get to explore a bit more soon!
    Hey um... *cough*. Never said thanks for the friend request a while back. Sorry I hadn't told you before. xD
    That would be neat...I haven't been able to read any of the Ms. Marvel comics but from what I've seen she's such a cutie. I think it would bring a neat element into the MCU. I also wish Disney/Marvel held the rights to the X-Men. I'd kill to see the movies done right (the movies are okay, but I think they could do better).
    I can't wait for both those to come out! I'm also excited for the Captain Marvel movie! She's such a kickbutt superhero.
    I loved Spiderman! They did a great job in casting. I also really enjoy T'Challa and Bucky's fight scenes. Ya still Team Cap?
    I actually saw it Sunday. My brother and I took our grandmother to see it. She really liked it. :) Have you seen it yet?
    Ha, nice, I'm Team Cap too. Black Panther and Spiderman are actually two of my favorite marvel heroes! I'm really excited to see The Winter Soldier on the good guys side, technically :p
    Oh man, I wanna see that movie so freaking bad! Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? What characters are you looking forward to see duke it out?
    It was, I really enjoyed being out there. My only plans are to try and get some writing done haha. You have anything going on?
    My parents have some from the early 90s, but I've read them all like twice by now haha. Well at least all the Spiderman and X-Men ones. I never got to play BBS, but I've been watching the cutscene "movie" on youtube and it's got a really neat story. Terra, Ven, and Aqua are very likable characters. That seems like an interesting job haha. It's went pretty good actually, got to go to the beach. Hope you weekend went well, as well.
    I got Winter by Marissa Meyer and Marvel's The Civil War comic collection. I was pretty happy to learn my library carries comics so I can finally start reading them again. Oh yay, work! Hahah, what kind of job do you have? I think my favorite KH games are KH II and Unchained X, although Chain of Memories holds a special place in my heart since it was the first one I played. As for characters, always loved Axel (even when I was a little girl haha), always liked Namine, and recently been finding Riku as a favorite. What are your favorite Kingdom Hearts Characters/Games?
    Well I went to Magic Kingdom and got some books from the library that I've been wanting to read forever haha. Anything with you? :)
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