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  • "Olicity. Shipping literally ruined a show."


    i fucking lost it when you said that lmao. someone needed to.
    Now, I'm aware that you don't seem to be an avid follower of Japanese comics, but:
    Anime Production Companies, Manga Publishers Crack Down on Piracy - News - Anime News Network

    Might you have any thoughts concerning this?
    I'm with you 'til the end of the line

    saw these and could not shake the feeling that they looked really familiar
    What's your experience with those services / what am I looking at in terms of shipping costs?
    Yeah, if it does stuff up you'll be fine.
    I wish you all the best with the PS4. With all the comments I've been reading (thats not in the Sony thread), it's an impressive and amazing system. I'm watching a KNACK stream now and it takes literally like 5 seconds to go from the XMB to "press any button to start".
    Yeah thats what I was doing for the last 3 months when I had PS+.
    I already have the physical copy, but if I can get the vita copy (with cross-save?) then it's worth it.
    Okay cool.
    I'll think about it since I'm completing my Vita purchase next month, while renewing my PS+ subscription.
    So if you buy Jak and Dexter via PS+, you unlock the vita version for free? And is the vita version restricted to PS+ rules as well?
    Hey, you wouldn't happen to know any good articles, interviews, or videos on the comic book creation process, would you? I'm doing a report on the differences between American and Japanese comic creation/publication and was wondering if you knew of some good sources for the American side of things.
    Can't read all the comics I want, I have other responsibilities. But I'll write that one down as one to pick up from the beginning as soon as I get the chance. That's the newer series in Marvel Now! right?
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