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  • ummmm I'm inviting you and rachel to a site that if you two can and hopefully do join I promise yous that yous will be under my protection ok DL I promise the both of yous this right now if you want the link
    I'm suprise that you forgot about me Omega Prime you know skitty's brother but is rachel alright and still....... live
    No thanks for coming back. Things seem to be picking up quick. Alot of TSOV members lol. I never thought the rp would get some attention like this XD
    *facepalms* GAH FINEEEE I'll chagne it to a darker green so that you can take it :p
    Hahaha I don't know if he'll reply :p anyways... yeah it was great! :) and the 4th was awesommeeeeeeee, I loved it so much... and ok bye!
    Hey! Its not my fault, I haven't even gotten a pm with the rp!!!!! :p and niiiiiiice that sounds cool! I just got back from camping at yellowstone nat'l park :3
    Lol indeed. ^^

    i have. :p but i doubt i will join as it requires time that i don't have... xD

    that's cool. :p just point in the direction of Chao's rp, and i'll give it a shot! ^^ hope u check out my rp at least!! XD
    Yeah it was hard to find that one. I went there see where my characters were at and what to change. The template will be alittle different, but not to much different.
    OMG THATS AWESOME!!! So you graduated from high school? :D but yeah even though college is coming up, that is a looooong break you have lol :)
    XD they got to be good for something... ><

    lol. i've heard of aion. :D i hear its pretty cool. ^^ and reallY? o_O chaos is restarting his rp? :O must go see!! :O and U MUST COME CHECK OUT MY RP!! ^^ its one i've been dying to give it a run, and also as a way of announcing my return... xD
    lol No rushing man. Take your time. I just hope I can get this baby back up.
    Hahaha ok ok I'll just hug ya then xP *hugs* lol and its been good, its summer!! :D
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