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  • Yeah gotcha on that Jolt. I decided to just use three characters in this one. Three is my limit my friend. Going to bring back Leon, Yamoto, and Joezo.

    Yeah she is. She really liked the rp and she is the Vice president of it.
    i sure did!! XD and apparently my Jolteon needs to see my badges again.. >> *shows off his collection of thirty-two badges from all four regions* lol

    ^^ but hows haz u been? :p and yes.. >> i will contact you more often via email when i have my own computer... xD
    Wow Jolt you rock man. I will most likely get the rp up on around this week. Since all my exams are done. whoo.
    Hey Jolteon the next time you get on, can you post in HoC? chaos post was on the last page before this one, if that makes sense lol. xD Thank you!!!!
    Hey, have you forgotten about me? Jolteon i miss you, and now since bbs is out ive been on the site like crazy, and i really miss you, you are a cool friend
    thats good that you edited anyway i'll hang in there thanks for the advice i sure can't wait for the summer its so far away lol anyway thanks again
    man you might go man that sucks. this rps dying and its hanging by a inh. damm i'm sorry i really wanted to see this to the end but, maybe i must face it and just close the rp down. i'll slow down the posting and you have to fix your post by the way because if you read my last post about senbu you'll see that he is in the room where denis is in. maybe i should stop it most of the people in the rp is gone and never on or to busy. beastly left, firo never posts, okami busy so is spyells and now ember as well. its me, light, cloudwolf and EWS. i know your busy as well i need more people in this rp but, i won't push you dude. i just don't want this to die
    Bye Jolteon I'm leaving now so I hope to ttyl when I get back okay? Bye. *hugs*
    i posted and denis is a hostage now not me arck just go with it dude anyway you will be save in a moment i ho0e lol
    Hey just sending a reminder message about the HoC Rp to let u know that things are heating up. So when u get the chance to take a look and post if u can. I understand people are busy with family plans and such seeing as it is the holidays. So when u get the chance stop by the Rp. Thank u for ur time and i hope u have a merry christmas.
    dont you have a responsibility t dawn of a new awaking you ran that shit for so long i wanted to fight i wanted to become a blaziken we all wanted to be better if the leader dosnt go the followers wont i think it's time for you to return i've done or i am doing all i san to help but now it's up to you do it. bring dawn of a new awakining back t it's former glory
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