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  • Hey guys this is just one of a series of plotlines I've done for Maleficent attempting to recreate Villain's Vale that was wiped out in the first game, hope you guys enjoy and gimme a shout if you want to see some of the others.

    The New Villains Vale
    Captain Gantu
    “How could you have let this happen!?” The Grand Councilwoman was faced towards the control room’s main viewing dock, staring out into the vast blanket of stars, her expression unfathomable, but her rage more than obvious. Directly behind her stood the hulking Gantu, his massive head hanging in embarrassment in the wake of a woman a tenth his size.
    “Grand Councilwoman let me explain, everything was going smoothly, I had the abomination in custody when…uh” Gantu cut his sentence short, a nerve had begun to twitch somewhere in his head, not only from embarrassment but out of sheer fury as well.
    “When what!? What could have possibly happened THIS time!? We had his EXACT position!” she turned to him at this, and he could see her normal blue skin of her face turned to a deep red, her eyes blazing in the reflection of the various lights flashing in the control room.
    “Well!?” she asked as she clenched her fists.
    “It’s the natives your greatness, they’ve developed some sort of bond with the little freak. I infiltrated the main structured in the center of their colony as instructed and managed to apprehend Experiment 626, but a group of…I mean…an army of the natives came out of nowhere and attacked! They were carting massive weapons that could cut through any substance! I put up a daring fight and significantly decreased the population, but I was lucky to escape with my life.”
    The Grand Councilwoman turned back to the ship’s window; the ship had been rotating and was now in full view of Radiant Garden, directly over the castle.
    “Gantu I am finished with your excuses and your constant failures to bring Experiment 626 into custody, and have given serious consideration to offer a deal with Dr. Jumba for his capture.”
    “WHAT!?” Gantu took a step towards the Greand Councilwoman, his step caused the entire room to quiver under the force, “You can’t possibly considering giving my mission to the trog’s creator, this is an outrage!”
    The Grand Council woman turned slowly, all rage in her face replaced with pure gravity, despite Gantu’s size she looked straight into his eyes without flinching, causing his figure to collapsed into regret for what he had just done.
    “Head my words Captain Gantu, our scanners show that Experiment 626 is still somewhere in that facility. This is your last chance to bring me Dr. Jumba Jookiba’s weapon or else your title will be stripped from the Galactic Federation and I swear we will leave you on this rock, make no mistake of that. So come back with Experiment 626, or don’t come back at all. Do I make myself clear?”
    “Crystal,” Gantu muttered before storming out of the control room and headed towards the transporter room. Every monstrous step that shook the floor was another curse towards the Grand Councilwoman.
    “She thinks she can just…well I’ll show her I’ll…when I get my hands on that little,” as he reached the end of the hall the metal doors to the transporter slid open silently and Gantu ducked his head to fit through the doorway.
    Gantu stepped in the middle of the transporter and glared at the small pink creature behind the console in front of him. “Well what are you waiting for!?” The creature shook with terror at Gantu’s shouts and stuttered “J-j-just w-w-waiting for c-c-c-confirmation from-,“ Gantu pulled out his plasma gun from his holster at his hip and pointed it straight at the creature.
    “How’s this for confirmation!?” he roared.
    The creature’s hands ran all over the console at a clear tube ran down from the ceiling and around Gantu, barely fitting over his enormous frame.
    “That’s what I thought,” Gantu smirked as a huge light engulfed his body and he felt a great rush as if he was falling down a hole that had materialized in the tube and in seconds the light faded from around him and he found himself at the foot of the great castle.
    “Too easy,” he chuckled as he lumbered towards the hulking doors that led inside the castle.
    With one fell kick the doors crashed open, and with his plasma beam inside he walked inside.
    “Where are you this time trog?” he whispered to himself as he walked down the longstone walkway littered with tapestries and suits of armor leading into the castle, lit only by various torches mounted onto the wall.
    Suddenly he heard heard a loud crash behind him and in the course of three seconds he spun around and fired five blasts at the cause of the sound. To his dismay his gun holster had caught hold of a suit of armor and caused it to tip over the suit of armor now melting into the stone floor.
    Gantu groaned “wretched people, why do they keep this useless-AAAH!” Gantu screamed in pain as an enormous chandelier came darting from the other end of the hallway and crashed into his chest and smashed into pieces.
    Gantu gave huge roar that shook the various suit of armor before relentlessly firing his plasma gun towards the source of the chandelier. As his gun overheated and ceased firing he heard noticed the sound of loud gusts of wind before noticing it was his own panting. Gantu calmed himself and stood up, brushing the fragment of chandelier from his chest and listened carefully towards the end of the path.
    “Miss me! Miss me! Gantu gonna kiss me!” Gantu heard the familiar taunt of Experiment 626 and sprinted down the hallway. As the torch light revealed the small, blue, furry mass that was Experiment 626 in an open archway he leapt towards him smashing through the archway and into a worn ballroom.
    “Teekoo too baba!!!” Experiment 626 screeched as he lifted Gantu into the air and threw him across the room.
    Gantu lifted himself off the floor and noticed a chain dangling from the ceiling where the chandelier had been and noticed various other chandeliers hanging around the ballroom.
    “I’m big boned!” Gantu scowled as he aimed his gun at the chandelier hanging directly over Experiment 626. With one shot the chain broke and the chandelier was sent crashing down on 626.
    626 began to wiggle from under the weight but Gantu had his gun aimed directly at him. “Technically I’m supposed to capture you alive, but what’s the difference if you’re terminated?” he smiled as his finger twitched towards the trigger.
    Suddenly a ball of pure flame flew through the ruined archway over 626 and struck Gantu square in the face. “AAAAAAH!!!” he howled as he let loose of his gun and crashed to the floor.
    “How many times do I have to tell you that you’re not welcome in our town?” Leon appeared in the archway just as 626 slid from under the chandelier and climbed onto his shoulder.
    “I’ll show you insignifigant…” Gantu reached for his gun but found nothing, “where’s my?”
    “Tiki tiki Gantu!” 626 mocked as he help up the gun over his head.
    “Now get out of here, before you pick a fight with someone you’ll regret,” Leon spoke casually before striding out of the ballroom with 626 sticking his tongue out at Gantu as they both vanished through the archway.
    Gantu was furious, his face hot with anger as well as the unwelcome greeting from Leon. “Why is it one of the always shows up before I blast the little monstrosity!?”
    Gantu fell on his back from the exhaustion of the fight, and pressed a button on a gadget on his wrist. “Captain Gantu to central control, I have been disarmed and require immediate extraction.”
    Gantu waited for a couple of seconds before, to his terror, the Grand Councilwoman’s voice responded from the device. “Do you have Experiment 626 in you custody Captain?”
    Gantu thought a moment befor responding “ He is nowhere to be found, he must have found a way off this planet, the sensors must have a malfunction. I’ll regroup as soon as I get back and-“
    “Have you forgotten what I said Captain Gantu?” the Grand Councilwoman interrupted, “I believe I said come back with 626 or don’t come back at all.”
    “But-“ Gantu started, “I’m afraid that you leave me with no choice but to strip you of your title of Captain of the Galactic Federation forces and for your insubordination I sentence you to exile on this planet until the Federation can decide what course of action to take with you, Grand Council Woman out.”
    The communicator beeped before Gantu began a monstrous rant “YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME HERE! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?” but it was too late, all communication with the ship’s had been blocked.
    Gantu laid there listening to the echoes of his own voice for what seemed like hours, his years of training as well as his reputation to the Galactic Federation is shambles. He was unable to plan his next move, something he had never faced, he always had a plan, a course of action to carry out his duty, but now, his life had been ruined.
    “I can’t face the Federation’” he thought to himself, “I’ll be the laughing stock of the galaxy.”
    “Seems like such a waste of talent for such a skilled leader like yourself’” came a foreboding whisper from directly behind Gantu.
    In a state of panic Gantu jumped to his feet and directly into a salute, believed it was the voice of the Grand Councilwoman, but to his disappointment, realized it wasn’t her.
    The woman who stood before him was taller than the Grand Council woman and cloaked in a long black robe with a horned hood. There was an alarming green tint to her skin and she was clenching a long staff in her left hand.
    “State your purpose,” Gantu spit.
    “Yes how rude of me, I am Maleficent the former ruler of this land we both stand on,” she grinned.
    “Former ruler?” Gantu asked.
    “Yes, you see long ago I ruled within this very castle along with my loyal subjects, and together we led an army across the very reached of space.”
    “Army?” Gantu’s mind lit at the idea, “what kind of army?”
    “An army created of the most powerful beings known…the Heartless. “
    “What happened then?” Gantu asked, his anticipation growing by the second.
    “The fools who run this world now found a way to conquer my subjects, and so the army fell and I was revoked from this very castle, but I have returned to find more powerful subjects to lead my army.”
    “This is it,” Gantu thought to himself, “my ticket out.”
    “Well it just so happens that I currently. Err…recently led an army myself, and I am more than qualified to lead an army that you may have led,” Gantu smiled but then caught himself, “better make sure this is worth my trouble,” he thought to himself, “what’s in it for me?” he asked.
    “Why my only reward to all of those who follow me is the most significant power ever discovered, the power of darkness!”
    “Big deal,” Gantu grunted “What’s so great about that?”
    “Why my dear Captain Gantu,” (Gantu scowled at the mention of his name when he had not mentioned it) “with that sort of power you could easily exact your revenge on your former superiors and experiment 626 was it? Not only that, but you will also be captain of a much more powerful army, one the like of which you have never seen”
    At that moment Gantu felt the ferocity coming from this woman and his felt fear he never felt towards the Grand Councilwoman, that was simply fright, this feeling he felt from Maleficent was sheer terror. At that moment he realized he had found a force greater than the Galactic Federation.
    “Very well,” he nodded “grant me this darkness you speak of.”
    “Why Captain Gantu, you already poses it in your lust for power and revenge, invoke those feelings and I will grant you the power to set it free.” At this Maleficent began lightly touching the tip of her staff with her right hand and it began to glow a strange green light.
    Gantu then felt a tingling all over his body, and as he glanced at his hands he noticed his whole body glowing the same green light, as if his entire body had been lit aflame.
    “Wh-what are you doing to me witch!?” but at these words the glowing faded away, and he could feel a power deep within his heart that he had never felt before and a word just barely escaped his lips.
    “Revenge,” as this word slipped from his lips a small dark creature appeared at his feet.
    “It has begun!” Maleficent laughed.
    Here's my submission for the KH Insider staff!!!!

    Character Bio
    Ansem (seeker of darkness)
    Original English VA: Billy Zane
    Current English VA: Richard Epcar
    Japanese VA: Akio Otsuka
    A summary of the original Ansem would be the leader of the world called ?Hollow Bastion,? who conducted experiments on the hearts of his people as well as the darkness within him before discarding his body and plunging into darkness himself in an attempt to gain all knowledge of the heart and leaving behind a 10 page report on his studies for Sora to collect. Ansem made his first appearance in the original Kingdom Hearts at the beginning of the game after a short confrontation with Kingdom Heart?s main protagonist, Sora. Since Ansem has lost his body he appears as this cloaked figure until he can obtain a new one. During his confrontation with Sora he bears the warning ?this world has been connected, tied to the darkness, soon to be completely eclipsed. You do not yet know what lies beyond the door.? Sora continually attempts to ask Ansem questions but Ansem only responds with ?there is so much to learn, you understand so little,? before disappearing. Ansem?s main goal has been to search for the princesses of heart, the only way to unlock the door to kingdom hearts and ultimately unleash what he believes to be ?the ultimate darkness.? Unfortunately this can only be done by the ?Keybearers,? so in order to achieve his goal; Ansem lures Riku, Sora?s childhood friend and the original Keybearer, into darkness with the help of the evil fairy Maleficent, before possessing his body and using the power of a Keybearer to produce a Keyblade that unlocks people?s hearts, and uses it to steal the hearts of the Princesses of Heart. However Sora hold one of the Princesses? hearts within his own and therefore attempts to defeat Sora and claim the final heart, but Riku?s body is defeated. In order to free the heart he holds with his, Sora pierces his own body with the Keyblade and unknowingly completes the door to kingdom hearts. At this union, Ansem absorbs Riku?s body and bears his true form before disappearing into darkness. The final confrontation between Ansem and Sora is the final fight of the game in a twisted version of Sora?s home world where Ansem uses his original words to Sora at the beginning of the game to mock Sora before Ansem unleashes his darkness in the form of a Heartless and attaking Sora. The fight is completely spent fighting the creature that Ansem has borne while Ansem floats mockingly in front of it with his arms crossed shouting out commands such as ?give your heart to me!? After defeating Ansem in this form two times, you are charged with defeating him in the ?World of Chaos? in which his body is strapped to a monstrous vessel in which Sora must defeat different section of before defeating Ansem himself. At his defeat Ansem taunts ?it is futile, the Keyblade alone cannot seal the Door to Darkness. Kingdom Hearts! Fill me with the power of darkness.? As the door to Kingdom Hearts opens, to Ansem?s horror, pure light poors from within it and his entire body is obliterated releasing Riku from within.
    Ansem?s next appearance occurred in the Riku half of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Although Ansem was destroyed and Riku?s body was released, a part of Ansem?s darkness still existed in Riku. Riku awoke in Castle Oblivion after sealing the door to Kingdom Hearts and to his shock, is still reliving vision of Ansem as he attempts to escape the castle?s basement. As Riku awakens, he hears Ansem?s voice ?you should remain asleep, here between light and dark,? and urges Riku to shut his highs and give into darkness. At Riku?s refusal Ansem appears to Riku and urges him to return to darkness if he is ever to ?serve? Ansem again. Riku proceeds through the castle constantly attempting to purge Ansem from his heart. The final battle between Riku and Ansem leaves Ansem defeated, but before he vanishes he utter ?hardly finished, I gave you the dark, my shadow lingers.? Upon this revelation Riku decides to take the form of darkness itself in order to oppress Ansem and takes on the physical form of Ansem himself in order to take back full control of his own heart.
    Although Ansem does not make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 2, besides during flashbacks and when we see Riku in Ansem?s physical form, we learn a startling revelation about him. The Ansem that Sora defeated was the heartless of a man named Xehanort who stole the name of the real leader of Hollow Bastion (Radiant Garden in KH2) Ansem the Wise. Xehanort was an apprentice of Ansem the Wise and the real author of the Ansem reports in KH1. As stated in the original Ansem reports Xehanort discarded his body and plunged into darkness, and in this action he created a Heartless (Ansem) and a Nobody (Xemnas) version of himself, and the Heartless Ansem set out to complete Xehanort?s work under the false name stolen from Radiant Garden?s leader.
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