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    Intro Movie

    will everyone stop calling him BHK his name has been confirmed geez
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    *theory*of KH2 cover

    isnt it a bit to tall to be riku?
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    The True Origin of "BHK"

    anything is possible at this stage really
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    KH2 commercial!

    the link was taken down because he had word that it has nothing to do with KH2
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    KH2 commercial!

    wow im downloading it now if it really is a KH2 ad it should be great!! excelent job
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    Xaibal and DiZ? What is the connection

    this "reliable source" is proabably just making everything up to spread romours
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    Other Playable Characters

    I think it sounds true ( the squall cloud in party thing ) and i think and hope it is true but we will just have to wait and see
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    the nobodies

    i think i discovered where it comes from if you play KH1 and go into traverese town go onto the shop roof ( the one where cid was to begin with , sorry im in a forgetful mood atm ) fly to gepettoes roof and fly back to the shop roof inside the triangle thing there is a yellow shape that looks a...
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    Playing KH2

    im gonna stay up day and night and miss school ( if possible ) until i have finished it
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    Other worlds

    no idea w00t 250th-th post
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    Speical Boss in KH2

    I WANT KUJA !!1 kuja is by far my all time faveroute ( sorry spelling ) final fantasy person i so hope he's in it
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    and then there was one.

    i think its really possible that the Org. are people been mutated or something by ansem it just sounds right to me i dunno'
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    Skeleton Sora

    i think it will be really cool if you can go skeletal XD
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    Wait, wait, wait... Your Alive?!

    no they dont join!!!
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    Final Boss

    i think ansem has a darker form - his true form that will hopefully be really hard to kill as a last boss ansem will find a way back become really powerful and sora will get a uber strong weapon ( possibly king mickeys ) and then fight him geez sounds a bit like a thoery