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    Chance of KH1/2 Remake?

    I've never quite understood this claim from SE. If the game was built from the ground up wouldn't it be near impossible to get all the cutscenes to be 1 to 1 with those from ps2 KH1? Not to mention pointless? If they built it from the ground up couldn't they have done away with a lot of the...
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    Digital Media ► CMS : Youtube Content thread (no advertising)

    Hiya! Hope this is the right place to post this. I've recently started to do some impressions of various Kingdom Hearts characters and I would really appreciate it if people on this site would give some constructive feedback on what works and what could've been better. Below is a compilation...
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    News ► Vincent Corazza and Richard Epcar Not Reprising Roles in KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX?

    Didn't David Gallagher say something along the lines of that they were only contacted a short period of time before the recording were to take place? The recording might just have begun and they haven't contacted Vincent yet.
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    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 HD ReMIX Images and Info from 4Gamer!

    Awesome, they threw out one of the fish-faces!
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    Exclusive: KHInsider Interviews Ben Diskin!

    Does anyone else agree that Ben Diskin's regular voice kind of sounds like Fred Savage's?
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    Return of Axel and co?

    I'm guessing they all returned at the same time 'cause their hearts was a part of the Kingdom Hearts Xemnas had created. Once that Kingdom Hearts was destroyed all the hearts was released and found their way back to their nobodies.
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    The darknesses.

    When did Master Xehanort give up on Terra? Terra is still possessed by him, I don't recall it being proved otherwise. Isn't the reason Apprentice Xehanort hasn't returned because Ansem and Xemnas was taken to the future and hasn't really been defeated yet? Once they return to their own time and...
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    The King's Letter

    The giant chase isn't really important so why wouldn't they reveal it?
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    The King's Letter

    What the letter says is showed at the end of the scene. The letter says: Remember, Sora. You are the one who will open the door to the light.
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    Differences between versions

    In the Japanese version of KH2; at the end of the Disney Castle visit we can see Daisy hitting Donald. While in the English version this was changed to the two of them just arguing. Japanese: Daisy Beats Donald's @$$ Up! - YouTube English (skip to 1:54): KH13.com - Kingdom Hearts - We Were...
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    Official Gold Eyed Person Discussion Thread

    Re: We know what the Mysterious Figure actually looks like. If I remember correctly, after the E3 BbS trailer Nomura said in an interview that the Unknown appeared twice in the game. YMX appears at the beginning and reappears when Terra is talking to Riku. So we could have figured out who he...
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    Black Coat Riku in KH3D

    I would say that the reason for Black Coat Riku to appear inside Monstro is also thanks to the Unknown/Young Master Xehanort. But out of the two Rikus it could be, who is he? Riku Replica or Data-Riku? Riku Replica is the only one of the two to be an entity of Darkness. Also: Maleficent is...
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    Will we ever see "Xehanort, the Apprentice" in further games?

    The new guy in the trailer is a young Master Xehanort. Not a young Terra-Xehanort.
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    Will we ever see "Xehanort, the Apprentice" in further games?

    We'll probably see him again. He did appear in the KH3D TGS trailer and he is the current form of Master Xehanort.
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    [SPOILER] Vanitas - the opposite part of Roxas?

    But Ven had to connect his heart with someone because his heart wasn't functioning, Vanitas on the other hand had a heart that were functioning and didn't need to connect to someone.