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  • Stupid typos! >__<
    Darn sorry to hear that =/ I saw a movie called I AM SAM yesterday
    I just love the nightsky, ver romantic as well =D
    I've been wanting to watch Alice In Wonderland for sometime now, is it any good?
    Nice Akuroku avi btw =)
    I doubt she'd listen to me. I'm a Sora fan, remember? She'll probably only listen to fellow Sora haters or a mod. =/

    Yeah, my thoughts. XD
    Yeah, especially, and it's making a few Sora fans begin to unfairly hate Aqua and Ven. And Aqua's probably my favorite character. =C

    He had a tough life, sure, but honestly, in KH2, he shouted "HAYNER! PENCE! OLETTE!" in spam mode as his "answer to all problems. First time he did it, it's okay and sentimental, but the second time, it's downright dumb. Sorry, but that's my personal thoughts. =C
    Basically "FUUUUUUUUUUUU I HATE SO-AND-SO AND YOU CAN ALL SUCK MAH DICK!!!" =/ It's spamming and can be really dumb hating, or really dumb loving. And that's the impression I'm getting from Aqualung's posts in the HC. Hence why I consider it a TC.

    If you asked me, it's already out of control, but then again, Sora's been my role model since I was nine. XD

    Roxas is emo in my eyes (nothing personal), Sora's overly sentimental while Ven's the perfect balance. Basically imagine a slightly less serious Roxas without all the emoing and acting a lot like Sora at times, only with double the courage.
    I can understand that. (actually, I'm mostly mad at Aqualung for acting more like a Troll than a Hater >>)

    Either, way, I prefer Sora over Roxas personally. Ven, on the other hand, I think has a chance at preference.
    The Sora HC. =/

    I swear, that whole thing is even worse than the Xion HC. That ain't a HC: it's a Troll Club. Sorry, but honestly that's my thought on the place.
    Actually I do and like to go outside a lot but mostly to contemplate nature on weekdays sometimes
    On sundays I usually go out to have dinner with my family or go to the movie theaters with my cousins sometimes
    Aww that's very sweet of them =) I haven't gone to a party in such a while but I did go hiking with some friends to the mountains some time ago(I forgot when lol)
    Wow it seems hard and i dont like Math also it will be so hard for me to cope for math XD

    XD though you dont know what it is it is nicely drawn too :D
    Neat. What do you have to do for PSU? and it is a good thing thing that it is due by November.

    I seen the drawing i love you drawing especially the doodle of Roxas it is cute :D. What are the two creatures that is drawn there dont think i seen it before.
    I felt the Haitian earthquake while I was taking a shower, I thought the building was gonna fall down
    Oh dear =/ Are your pals and family okay?
    I did a presentation on Chile about a few months ago ^__^ But I may need to look back at my notes to refresh my memory(I can forget things easily XD)
    I heard about the Chilean earthquake but It didn't seem as serious as the Haitian earthquake
    Oh I've been wanting to visit Chile for some time now ^__^
    I hear it has good economy too right?
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