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  • you'll be happy to know i've been writing another memory for the fic, it's coming along nicely ;)
    The edit is finally done.
    Hey man. I've been sitting on a question that I've been itching to ask you, if you've ever got time to field it.
    Lmao we seem to be on the same page. I'm definitely still drawing! Really busy with school though, currently working on my graduation project (I'm creating a point and click game about Greek mythology! Or well, a prototype) so haven't really had the time to do personal projects but I've mostly been doing digital art as of May 2018!

    How've you been? Catch up next year? Lol

    Yeah, I’d enjoy it while it lasts because, i’m pretty sure once the newness wears off there’ll be some hardcore kh fan throwing chairs, and saying their word/opinion is law and the correct one. In the meantime, it’s nice to say what you want without hostility. xD

    That’s good to hear. As for myself, I’m mostly relaxing and waiting for some cookies to be done baking.
    I know the feeling. lol. But breaking your streak was worth it. I got a lot of enjoyment out of your posts in the Relationship thread. Seriously, why does everyone need Sora to have a girlfriend? Otherwise, I wholeheartedly agree and stand by your post regarding relationships in the KH franchise. And yes, the tin-foil hats are everywhere. lol. I wouldn't say I'm on their level because, I had to look up a lot of the mobile game stuff on youtube last night. xD

    Not related to KH, but how are you doing, Dari?
    My boy, admins got me back into my account and I saw your message. I feel like I just redicovered a whole other life I once lived lol wild. We gotta catch up tho, I’ll hit you wit my contact info once you get this.
    Yo, Dari! What's up?

    Question for ya: are you interested in joining Miracles? Reason I ask is that I feel like it need some boost from newcomers like you. As far as things goes, there is really Skitty, CD, and I keeping this alive while Dream is obviously busy and unable to post.

    Honestly, it's just a few pages in, so you could just jump in without any problem. So there is that, ha. :3
    Sorry, I understand I got a bit carried away, I've never witnessed something weird like what happened a few months ago and I didn't want to read about someone's personal life when I don't even care to discuss my own you know? You should be in control about any and all information about yourself at all times, at least online ;)
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