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    Kairi's Future Importance

    Kairi is the most downplayed significant main character in the KH series. If she is going to be a main character then why only focus on her bein the most important Princess of Heart and why would they revela her keyblade at the end of KH2? Riku is stressed more than her but does not have the...
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    Hey Everyone! Got Some Love For Another Newb?

    Hey guys! I've been observing this site for quite a while and just mustered up the courage to join. These arguments get really heated sometimes but I guess that's all in the fun of it right? Anyways just stopping by to say hi to everyone and would love to wish everyone a happy May 30, 2009.:lol:
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    just wondering

    Newb here. What's SoD? And Yeah He Was Just A Heart While Roxas Was Just A Body.
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    I still think the Ven chose Sora thing is relevant. So what if Riku was chosen by Terra. He's not the only one that can choose someone. There's also Ven and Aqua.But theres still one extra which is either Kari or Mickey.
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    i got it! (nobody theory)

    Very well put but this was just something to even lightly consider. I wonder if it has been considered that Xion is not a Nobody.
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    i got it! (nobody theory)

    I agree with the whole Xion was created when Kairi's Heart went into Sora thing. I think she is different because Kairi's heart joined another's and she didn't become whole again because Namine was created.