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  • ahahaha
    still cant make a move XD

    not lame,more like weird ahahahaha but thats what a gamer does lolz
    hey dude how are you?
    still playing the game? XD

    any luck with the girl?
    Lol im fine, just joined my first RP ever. XD im taking ages and im rethinking on what to change it to
    cool the faster the better XD
    if she likes you then it will work out ^^
    best of luckz
    right... i forgot XD
    well that will happen again with the other girl if you dont step up >.>
    oh she too XD
    well if thats true then the other guy might win her >.>
    so you better step up unless your ok with losing her
    hahahaha i see XD
    well dude think about it, do you wanna be with her or take things slow?
    note that she may move on and you will lose your chance. if i were you then i would ask her out, if she likes you and you ask her out then you get lucky.

    i mean what could you possibly lose? other then getting the chance to date her XD
    ahahahaha well I've never dated so atleast you have XD
    if you like her then ask her out :)
    or are you scare?
    ahahahahahahaha i see XD
    well try not to lose her too and dont come too strong or you'll look bad...
    ahahahahaha i see XD
    and no dude no, dont break her, once she becomes a little wild she will wont go back...
    if your doing it for sex then just wait lolz
    ahahahahahahahaha how do you know shes a virgin? XD
    and cool dude, it seems you get over things fast
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