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  • I guess it's best left alone then. I'm not sure what else to advise but be confident of your opinions if people may feel otherwise.
    If you avoid the idiots(aka the ones who bashed you in your introduction thread), then you'll find that needle in the hay stack. It's always hard for the new people despite them trying to fit in. It's like high school, if that makes it a better analogy.

    I think joining SOTW would bring you into the good parts of this site. But really, you have the bad bunch and you have people like me.

    I don't know what else i can say to help you decide to stay cause in the end, it's your choice. I'm just giving you some positive things on the site.

    Just know, stupid people are like bee: Pester them, and they'll be relentless.
    Hmm ahh I see. I'm sorry about that. Have you tried talking to her directly? Try apologizing for the misunderstanding. She's relatively a nice person but I think she did take it offensively of the wording.
    Oh I see. The Kingdom Hearts series has been getting stale storyline wise and it's pretty difficult for fans to buy systems for each of the games. The wording does seem a little direct and could've been worded differently to express those difficulties. I don't think Sign was the person that negative repped you since she's usually a lot more formal but I think she assumed this because it seemed likely due to the wording.

    We recently had new members who've had trouble adapting here and suddenly leave but luckily I managed to talk to a few of them and reconsider. It's usually best to regard it more carefree and with a lighter tone.
    Hey Kelranox, may I ask what you've been negative repped for? I apologize for the inconvenience some may have expressed. You seem like a relatively nice person but don't take it so literally.
    I've had the privilege to understand the cruel sense of humor some of these guys have. Though, it's no excuse to be negative, let alone mean to a new member. I am one of those few that actually don't abuse the rep system. Well, for the most part anyway. xD Yeah, I completely agree with the headset reference, but what ya gonna do? as long as there are d-bags on forums, you're not gonna be able to escape them. Just gotta hope that there are people(like me) who provide some slight hope.

    Well thanks, I'm what you call that needle in a hay stack. Considering there's a few good haystacks..ah you get my point :D
    those are the douchebags I mentioned in my previous VM. Just gotta know how to respond to them. Though a lot of them think being sarcastic and mean is the new form of being nice. :/
    I don't know where you been all this time, but the graphics section is calling your name broski~

    Also, don't mind some of the people here. They can be real douche-bags.
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