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  • Yeah I was thinking that’s what was going on, but it’s cool.

    Although thank you, you gave me an idea of where I want Andrew’s character arc to go.

    Although last thing with my spoiler posts, those segments I didn’t enjoy writing. At all.
    Other than the sudden trauma (which I’m deeply sorry for, I normally don’t write like that), how are you doing?
    Yay! Then that’s what’s going to happen on the world list. Okay, it’s going to be nice character development for her.
    I'm not sure yet, I might rearrange what Magic was thinking because I really want to go to Eos.

    Because Magic was thinking it was Machinecken > Halloween Town > Olympus/Disney Castle > Moana/Frozen/Tangled. I might throw Eos into group with Olympus and Disney Castle since the ones that have the / mark are going on at the same time as another world.

    Although Andrew would be more than happy to show her some chocobos, trust me.
    Okay! Hehe I thought you'd be interested in it. :) Also, fun fact! Andrew adores chocobos, as I implied in my last message. No, seriously he has such a soft spot for them. Instant friendship unlocked if you say you can get him one.
    You're welcome, and yeah I can tell that. I can't wait for her to meet up with Ignis if you want to send her there! I know I'm sending Andrew and Ignis just gets so exasperated when Andy, Noct and Prompto all get side tracked by chocobos.

    Like I said, only if you want to send Yoake to Eos.
    I’m loving what you’re doing with Yoake, just saying. I can totally imagine her trying to play the sane man to everyone else.
    Well, take Traces, the little bit he was in Glimpses for and what I had planned there, mix them together... you've got one sad puppy when he finally shows up in Apocalypse. He's all that's left of a once great warrior, and when you're battle theme is The Other Promise...

    I'm not sure yet. I've got one certificate all but taken care of, but I need to talk to a counselor and see if I qualify to transfer yet to a university to finish my K-12 degree. At least 2 more years, I know that much.
    Yeah, well, apparently I'm not ignoring him well enough; Vesper's made his way onto my character roster for the RP. And I know what you mean about the activity bit; I've actually been posting a lot this week, which surprises me, but then fall semester is coming up soon, so it's probably going to flag at that point...
    Yeah. I will certainly agree with you there. People drift and find other sites to call home. Not that I blame them since I've found one myself. I am actually part of the staff on the one I've settled into, so not like I can say that I've moved back to KHI full-time. I do, however, have enough time to commute between the two.

    Yeah, I did notice that. Back when I was active here back in 2013-ish, I recall the staff being quite...difficult. Glad to see Taochan is in charge of things. She's good people and the staff she's chosen are also good people. Everything is just great on that front, which I'm thankful for.
    Yeah I know what you mean. Dream’s also in that party too.

    There’s fourteen party members, it’s a core playing style and it’s manual on approval. The ranking is 820th.
    I don't agree with how people say that social media interferes with forums. At the end of the day, people just end up and lose interest. Blaming it on social media is a cop out imo.

    Oh nice! And yeah, same here minus the work. xD I've mostly been rping on another site, though I guess I can't deny KHI was my first home haha. And it deos seem like the staff isn't as bad as I remember, so that's another plus.
    Oh hey! Glad to see you're back. I definitely remember that Keyblade War rp you ran. I also remember it being one of the better RPs on KHI in this decade of KHI's declining activity of its RP section.

    Anyhow,how've ya been?

    Thanks! I’m working on weaving his path together too from here. I know he’s a bit of a non action guy because of his abilities.

    Back to Chi super quick, would you be interested in switching over to the Lunar Maidens? It’s a team in Vulpes.
    Nope, still weird. Okay!

    I’m enjoying reading your posts by the way, they’re really enjoyable.
    How can people like him? He tries to kill you by sending you to Titan! He’s creepy, and not in a good way. No I haven’t yet, I was going to after I finished the game.
    Thanks, on both of them. All I know is the second he showed up on screen my thought was “Yeah, I don’t like you”. I still adore the player characters though, it’s sweet.
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