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    XD Hey! I didn't relize you exepted. lol Thanks for excepting me.
    Was that a noregian immatation or something? lol
    yea tht was fun

    and if u wanna battle, i can battle in about an hour, if u want to
    i think i said "aww man" and u cracked up laughing. tht was funny

    ahh we should battle again sometime
    hey, i should be able to able in a bit, say 9:40 ish?

    my friend code is on my last post in the pkmn thread
    oo i love your lightning/snow sig!!! its so cute<33

    do you like light/snow as a couple?1 i do !! :DD
    ahhh, same here. yeah, schools a big part of my schedule. :D the snow needs to let up... hopefully. O.O
    okay i did your request extremely quickly, so check the shop when you get the chance.
    Yeah. :3

    It's too bad Mark (Xaldin) isn't active. He has too much of a life and a side job to really care about the forums.
    From memory, I can only think of like 6...
    Xaldin goes to Columbia in Chicago, Vice lives in Chicago and so does Raz I believe, Me, and like... two other members. D: Pretty lame if you ask me.
    Yeah, I went there for a while but I sort of wished there were categories for like... original work that wasn't so vague. I dunno. Doesn't really matter. I haven't drawn for a long time.
    Also there weren't that many good artists on there, either. :c
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