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  • O_O i just got a idea, instead of putting the trio's emblem im going to put somthing that my friends and family adore, my cuz a mickey mouse head, my other cuz, a basket ball with celtic lettering or somtihing like that, my sister a gitar pic etc..those would make awsome gifts i just asked my cuz and she said i would love it but it has to be pink and im like ok XD
    Yea i know thats the best part, make 6-7, i have alot of kh fans in college so i could probley sell them if i make them very well if not they can be gifts for x-mas. i can imagin it now, my family and closest freinds unrapping their gifts to find a card that says what aqua says XD they would be like AWW thankyou :D so lets see each one would cost really about 4 dollars, dividing 25/7 of course any way im going to try this week before finals. if not i can do it during break
    ....Anyway... OMG It looks so cool! how long did they take in the oven so i dont over cook it.
    Honestly, you won me over with the hair and the eyebrows and the eyes. I've never played a Kingdom Hearts game in my life, and I have no idea who Aqua is, but all the blue looked awesome. Especially with that dark Mexican skin tone of yours.

    And no, he's pretty much right about me. I'm a bad person. And I lack his fashion sense.
    also can you post a picture of how yours came out? were your friends any thing from kh?
    Thats cool o.o how long did they take to make? and if i do the oven clay will it still come out with that glassy look?
    Yea, well idc any way. Im probleying going to make like 5 way finders XD all diffrent colors and give them to people close to me
    You know, I really did like your costume. Was not kidding for a second when I said I voted for you. You shouldn't listen to the evil lies that boy spreads about me. He's mean and he makes me cry. ;~;
    tell me about it, i was looking at the tut you sent, and i dont got a pottery oven T_T, i have to find one on my college campus some how XD im so making bond by flame keyblade atm, and im getting ready to start Kingdom Key D
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