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Recent content by Keyblade Knight 1st Class

  1. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    What to name the next saga of Kingdom Hearts?

    I'm partial to The Lost Masters Saga myself.
  2. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    One Year Ago Today

    On January 14th 2021, I created this account and joined the best community I've ever encountered on the internet. I have enjoyed every moment of my time here, and I'm looking forward to future anniversaries. So I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for being awesome. P.S. I would...
  3. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Best 2021 KH memory

    Union X finale. Aside from that I was just waiting for 2021 to end. And now that it's (finally) 2022, I'm just waiting for January and February to pass. Seriously why can't it be March already?
  4. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Hi there! I'm new!

    Hello and welcome!
  5. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Sora's World Forms Part 2

    Like a FF7 character most likely.
  6. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Sora's World Forms Part 2

    Robot Sora is in there. As for the rest, some were left out intentionally while others I just didn't think of at the time.
  7. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    “I was today years old when I learnt...” - the personal KH discoveries thread

    I was today years when I discovered that I kinda suck at Kingdom Hearts. Well not the original but 2FM and Re:Mind for sure.
  8. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Sora's World Forms Part 2

    Yes to Onward Elf. I guess I should have included the movie titles in the poll. In hindsight some of them are kinda vague.
  9. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Sora's World Forms Part 2

    I was thinking Goofy would be a Crockpot. And his shield would be the lid🤣
  10. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Sora's World Forms Part 2

    I promised a second part and here it is. The point of this one is to determine what World Forms are wanted most. My top pick would be Skeleton Sora with Anthropomorphic Animal and Insect rounding out a 3 (yes this is a three choice poll). P.S. Household Appliance Sora is a bit of a joke entry...
  11. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    What would you like to see from a Coded remake?

    If they were to do a full console remake, I would like it if they included the KH1 worlds that were skipped in the DS version.
  12. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    KH Shower Thoughts

    I figure Demyx is probably wearing pajamas or something.
  13. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Merry Christmas, KHI!

    🎄Merry Christmas🎄
  14. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Be brutally honest: what is the absolute worst world in the kh franchise?

    I've always thought that even though it is one of the first worlds you visit in the game, it was probably one of the last that was designed and they probably had to rush it to meet a deadline. Or maybe I just hope that it was rushed as opposed to just poorly made.
  15. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Sora's World Forms

    For me personally I would probably have to go with Halloween Sora with Monster Sora in second. If I had to pick what the worst one is, I'd say Digital Sora 2.0. P.S. This is part 1 of 2.