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  • Trust me, by the end of the game, the gameplay is addictive.

    The story and characters are the best thing about it anyway xD
    Yeah I like that too, best of luck to you. Its an incredible game, not joking. In it you will find a tale of betrayel, murder, manipulation and a tragic story. Whereas all the other FF feel like a movie, this goes along the lines of a Shakespearean Play. Its amazing. Make sure to finish it because the ending is really great.

    If you like it (trust me, you will. The story at least) you should play FFXII. Its a prequel to FFT and is also amazing. Download Vagrant Story later too.
    No, thats X. X is good too, but XII was pretty much the first FF game I actually loved. Tidus is from X, Gabranth, Balthier and Basch are all from XII and they are the best characters ever xD

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    You should play XII if you decide to give it another try. XII is one of the best games of all time... Gabranth FTW
    Yep FFT WotL is my favorite game of all time. If you played it you would understand. It is always elected as having the best plot in any FF game ever on Gamefaqs. It also frequently wins the title of best characters, best hero, best antagonists, and etc.

    Vagrant Story is incredible as well.
    Yep, a video game for the playstation. It is also INCREDIBLE. Among the best Ive ever played.
    Yep Ive heard. Judging by it, I am positive its Mark Hamill. And he is perfect. Like I knew MH would be for the role xD

    You ever heard of Vagrant Story?
    This is funny xD I uploaded this today


    And you should download project 64 and the Zelda Ocarina of Time Rom (V 1.1) and play it on that. Project 64 runs full speed.
    Yep. Its the bomb. Also get around to playing the two N64 Zelda games if you havent yet, Im playing OoT again on an emulator on my computer because its a bit more convenient. Majoras Mask is better than OoT in my opinion though.
    No you are right, Ness is an Earthbound character. Earthbound apparently has the most disturbing final boss in existence though xD

    Look up "Giygas"
    Thats lucky, I pretty exclusively play older games. Right now I am playing Earthbound. Have you played it? I decided to once I found out that its final boss is apparently the most disturbing Final Boss in existence and its final battle music is absolutely terrifying. In fact it was inspired by a rape scene that the creator saw in a movie that scared him for life as a child :p
    I have no idea what the munny is for, but it may be for the triple triad game

    Also, you should get a NES emulator, I downloaded everysingle NES game and it was only like 10 MGs xD
    Yeah I love the stuff you can do on a CFW PSP. What firmware do you have? I have a PSP Phat 5.00 M33-6.

    Also, besides PSP ISO's and PSX Eboots, what homebrew do you use? I need some more to download... ever since my memory stick got wiped I havent redownloaded much except for my N64 and GBA emulators.
    I only buy UMD's because I hate how they take up GBs of room. If it wont work without an ISO then I will use it, but if I can use a UMD and conserve the space then I buy it. I still havent bought Crisis Core though. Even though I probably should :p

    PSX games DO work fantastic. I love using Eboots.
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