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    birth by sleep fighting

    hey guya, i was searching on youtube.com and found this YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Runaway if u fast forward to 1:15 u willl c some awesome fighting! fighting that i never saw! go head and take a look. remember fast forward 2 1:15
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    how did riku get the keyblade 2

    ok so the 1st version of this thread everyone here explained 2 me how riku got the keyblade, and i thank all of you for that. but do you guys remember after you beat tthe deep jungle and you return to traverse town and you meet up with riku in the 3rd distruct? Sora introduces donald and goofy...
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    how did riku get the keyblade

    does any1 no how riku became the keyblade master in the 1st place? y did it choose riku 1st and not sora plz explain=]
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    cid in bbs

    u guys remember after u beat the space paranoids in kh2 in hollow bastion 4 the 2nd time tron givves u a gift, and sprakles fall from the sky, and cid says that these are just the good old days? well mayb in birth by sleep it shows cid and the gang are in hollow bastion in the "old days" that he...
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    how 2 play kh2fm+

    hey i hear alot of people ask how 2 get abilitys or lv ups on kh2fm+ 1 question though, how do u plaay it?? because i rly want 2 so can some1 plz tell me everything they did 2 get the game and b able 2 play it?
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    mushu card

    hey guys i started a new file on my c0m again and me and keyblade 49 need 2 no where 2 get the mushu card, also we NEED some tips on how 2 beat the riku replica after destiny islands can some1 help us?
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    swap magic

    heye guys, im thinking about getting swap magic 2 play kh2: fm+ so is there a forum that tell me the price and where 2 get it? all comments r respected and is there any1 who can tell me all that in a reply
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    signature pic

    he guys i no this isnt rly a topic but i rly want a signature pic of sora donald and goofy from kh2 with there weapons there under 19.5 KB (or ssomething like that) plz i rly want 1 dont flame
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    deep jungle?

    hey do u guys no y in kh c0m and kh2 they didnt inclide the deep jungle?? dont flame
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    kings note 2

    hey u guys no at the end of kh2 , kairi gives sora i note from king mickey right, so any of u guys no what it says? just wondering, please dont be cruel
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    name changed

    can some1 tell me how 2 get my name changed ive been keyblade novice 4 a while. what # of posts do i have 2 do 2 get my game changed???
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    way to dawn

    in the 1st kingdom hearts, riku was orignally a keyblade master, until his heart faded in2 darkness and sora became the keyblade master. so how does riku have the way to dawn? any1 have the answer
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    sephiroth from kh1

    Guyzz!!! I Started Playing Kh1 Again And Realized I Didnt Beat Sephiroth!! Please Any 1 Who Reads This Who Beat Sephiroth In Kh1 Please Teell How You Did It!!!!!!
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    whats kh2 manga?

    hey guys there was a thread about this already but what is kh2 manga??? because i dont know wat it is
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    favorite form

    hey guys, really random here but, whats ur favorite form and what do u like about them? mines wisdom form cause i use alot of magic whats urs????