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  • hey. don't know how you found me. but hi anyway. was it Madara? that wouldn't surpise me. ever since I started talking to him I've gotten like 12 diffrent friends. hi and welcome. hope to have fun talking to you.:biggrin:
    Lol hey

    Aw, that must suck. You gotsta go gets better, yo! >:eek: It's alright lol your health always comes first y'know.
    How about Katherine? lol just kidding

    Well, my name is Erick. Friends call me that instead of TheLight so call me Erick plz :D
    I'm a sophomore as of 2 weeks ago and I am 14 years old, turning 15 on Sept 22. I'm a video game fan, and I like to hang out with friends. I'm pretty outgoing, unless i'm around alot of new people. Then i'm really shy lawl. I've been told i'm funny but idk

    Yep, thats it! :D
    LOL at maya rolling down the stairs!! you were laughing so hard!!! school on monday!!! =D and aw katieeee!! Feel betterrr!
    Okay, goodnight!!
    Talk to you later. :D
    You're welcome :D YoYo is nicer though ^ ^ Believe it or not, I'm the mean one.
    I like how he says "SUBMIT" over and over again when you fight him. It's to bad the voice actor never returned though T^T
    Me too :D But first I have to get 3DS though 0.0 I hope it won't be expensive.

    Did you hear the BBS English voice cast?
    You're welcome ^ ^
    Hmm... I would have to say that my favorite is either Riku or Ansem SoD.
    Riku for mainly for what he did in Castle Oblivion and Ansem SoD because of his voice and epic dialogue.

    Did you heart about the new KH on the 3DS? It looks odd 0.0
    I try my best for YoYo. I'm the lucky one, it's not often that one finds such a unique and awesome girl :)
    You can do it :D

    You have a favorite KH character?
    I thought so ^ ^ Thank you :)
    I imagine that every girl would. I figure it would be disrespectful to her if I didn't tell every girl I talked to, and I respect her very much.

    I despise being busy -_- I don't mind hard work, just being busy though. Mainly because of my school and it's way above average academic requirements.
    Two weeks? Well you have time to prepare :) Are any of them occurring at the same time?

    Well don't overdo it, make sure to get organized during freshman year and make good grades. It sets the tone for the next three years and you'll be glad you did.
    Okay XD Which part is cute? The part about YoYo? Oh yeah, It would probably be better if you asked if I'm her BF in case you wanted to bring it up while talking to her. She only likes people she knows a bit to know about us. I figure that she would appreciate me telling any girl I talk to about us though. Wouldn't you?

    0.0 You must be pretty busy then. Are you going to be on any of your high schools teams?
    I used to run cross country, but I can't anymore. I remember it being brutal though.
    If a guy wants to ask you out, it can be a very bad thing. :´p But you're only 13, so I think you're prob too young to be worrying about that right now anyway.
    XD How is your head being just below my shoulder awesome?
    Do you play any sports? :p

    I have a lot. The main ones are drawing, creating stuff, science, fantasy, exercise and most importantly my girlfriend (YoYo <3)
    I have a LOT of curiosity.
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