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  • Ok good lol

    Girls like that are everywhere :/ I don't like em, they are usually all judgmental and mean. Ah, forget dat.

    What type of music do you like?
    That's awesome. I don't know alot of girls that play these type of video games lol

    By the way, I saw the picture you posted in the post your pic thread, you're really pretty. I hope that didn't sound creepy lol
    Because days has been said to be the worst KH game lol, but you should at least try it :/ the multiplayer is pretty fun I guess

    Lol, then you might like it. It really depends on what you like though. What kind of games do you like?
    It depends lol

    Do you like stealth games and shooters? Because I would suggest Metal Gear Solid. Even though it might not sound interesting. It is an amazing series and has a lot of funny easter eggs. Try it out :O

    You probably shouldn't get days unless you REALLY want to.
    Luckeh. No one I know likes KH at all. Not that I know of at least lol then again, people here in florida are more interested in the wocka flocka flames or modern warfare D: Oh well

    You like any other video game series?
    Omg i'm so glad I found another that agrees KH1>KH2 DIGITAL FIVE FOR U

    Ah that's cool lol. I first played it in 2005, and that game was KH2. I didn't like that game that much but I loved the first game. I've been a fan ever since. I'm excited for BBS especially.

    You gonna get BBS? :O
    Lol, yeah it does. There is a way to get around it though.

    So you like KH? How long have you been a fan?
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