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Recent content by khgamer

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    We are gathered here today for the funeral of khgamer. Farewell to all of my great friends here. I hope that you read this and actually care. I hope i don't get any crud from the jerks on this forums that say stuff like "get over whatevers making you leave, b cuz no one cares." Yah, thats right...
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    Good News, Bad News.

    This is a game where there is always good news, and there is always bad news! lol EX. ------------------------------------------------- 1st post- Good News, I found a dime and named it Suzy! 2nd post- Bad News, It was a Boy dime! ------------------------------------------------- Catch my...
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    Finish the sentence game!

    In this game you simply finish the sentence that the poster above you started. Then, you start a new one!! I'll start! You know you've been on the forums too much when...
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    What is this pic of?

    Yeah you're right. It's an unknown. And the picture is clearly of the treasure room. If you watched the movie you'd know. Simple as that. Case closed...
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    I actually don't care who they are. I just can't wait to find out. Too bad it'll take another.. what, couple of months? idk....
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    Do something to the Poster Below You!

    This is a game where you just do anything to the poster below you. Please don't make it wrong by doing nasty things. You could just say: EX. ----------------------------------------- 1. Throws rocks at next poster. 2. *Rubs head* That hurt! >_< Splashes ice cold water on next poster...
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    I was just thinking today, what would the voices of: Axel, Bhk, Marluxia, DiZ, Zexion, etc. be. I just thought of this because for one, there are no voices in CoM. Secondly, if anyone has a copy of Kingdomhearts 2 it would be in Japanese(i guess). So, I want your opinion on who would make good...
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    Fanfiction ► Untainted Power

    *Bumpity, bump, bump, bump!* PLz DP! Continue this! It's GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fanfiction ► Untainted Power

    YAY!!!! Keep it up DP!!! Will read!!!! (but plz read mine too! BHK: THe True Story.)
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    Fanfiction ► Lance: Quest for Riku

    BTW, we all already saw.... http://forums.kingdomhearts2.net/showthread.php?t=22323 <-your nu fanfic, so stop making us wait!!! Also, I have joined with dkhg so it's just me and Bhk now! (And im only putting the name if it's not me) Bhk: Hey everyone! I like the dog part! And the Yoda part was...
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    The Dark Tournament

    It was very long ago that Sora sealed the final door. Now, a new threat has risen, that is, for the dark side. A new keyblade wielder has been born, and his destiny has been revealed, just like how Sora's was so long ago. But, a new evil has risen too. His name is Dartantalus. As the keyblade...
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    Fanfiction ► Lance: Quest for Riku

    khg: Hey! I also updated my fic so check 'em both out! V--its on my sig--V Bhk: *tears* This is soo cool. I've got 3 fics about mwah!
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    Fanfiction ► Tales of Drath: Clash of Worlds

    khg: Good! Good! Keep it goin'! Yay!!!! Bhk: Helloooooooooooo? khg: Just wait Bhk. You'll get your name.
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    Fanfiction ► Tales of Drath: Clash of Worlds

    khg: If his chapters are as long as he says they are, i don't care what the font is. Bhk: *mumbling* i'm never gonna get a stupid name. khg probly isn't even thinking about it....