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  • Yeah, I feel ya. I've been getting some games that have come out within the past few years. It's been pretty awesome. Assassin's Creed II, BioShock, etc. I also got inFamous 2 on launch date. You seem to like shooters. Are you getting Resistance 3 when it comes out on the 6th next month?
    uh nooooo, ps3 is gettin pretty borin and all i play in black ops which suxs -_______-
    yeah me too, but you're forgot by the time it comes out anyway. i know everything about it too, no commando, second chance, and cod elite. mw3 sounds like it'll be really good, hope its not like black ops xP
    There's a website I heard about what ifs called Alternate History Dot Com. It's pretty interesting and it has the ASB subsection which is fun way water and to read.

    I'll take a look at your link!
    I'm sorry but I clicked on your link that you had in your siggie.

    It was pretty interesting.
    My sig. is full. The Fan club is up! If you can find the time please stop by for a visit!
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    ^All information can be found on my profile BTW.

    I don't think im new, but I havnt even been here a year yet so...
    im REALLY glad I decided to do the bro-fist thing its helped me to make a ton of new friends here. So eventually my sig. will get full & im thinking about making a Bro-fist fanclub! If I did so would you join?
    oops lol alright i'll change it. i forgot some people haven't beaten bbs yet thanks for telling me. also thanks for complementing my avatar its a really good pic ^_^
    just something i've been working on. i can read a person's personality by looking at there avatar. its pretty useless but it's worked so far. i've used it on 5 people so far including you and they all said i was accurate
    yo tell me if i'm right:

    you have a big sense of humor, you like hanging out with friends, in class your proably the class clown, but some people may or may not think of you as annoying, and your optimistic and don't like to think negative, your sense of humor maybe different or weird then others?
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