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  • You GO!

    I don't like to be insulted, and I dislike it even more when others insult my friends. Just makes me wanna knock some heads together!
    This country gal has QUITE A BIT of fire.
    Well, you can always let a mod know. And I'd rather apologize than seem like a bitch, cuz he VERY MUCH singled me out.
    And I didn't actually DISPROVE or retract my previous statement. I just apologized for jumping to conclusions. And I most certainly was not going to give them your name ;3
    You're a riot X'D

    But thanks for the award! Now your name is forever on my profile~
    Maybe I'll nominate you for your drawings, sometime...Those are a tad harder to get ;3
    The problem with my activity is that he's posting in everything I do! i'm tryin to cut him off, but he's just so...
    Haha, thanks for being in my corner! My fingers are exhausted and I'm low on power, but I'm still truckin!!!
    I think on the actual main website for Mega Man, you can download Mega Man X Street Fighter for free. It was fan made in 2012 in the style of the Classic series, and Capcom tweaked it and officially licensed it. But other than that, MM 10 in 2010 is the most recent game...
    Dude, Mega Man has 5 universes and over 100+ games. You can buy NES, GBA, SNES, and GameCube games on Nintendo's Virtual Console. There's easy ways to play old games now!
    Well, oftentimes school bullies ALSO act innocent. Same thing, I guess.

    Haha, and no, I don't have a PS4. But I DO have a PS3, and I have MM9 and 10 on it. I have 1-6 of the classic series on my 3DS, as well!
    How could you tell? ;3
    Yeah. I mean, not EVERYONE will cheat to win. And it's unfair to the KHI community to be represented by one person's cheating.
    Thanks! And you can still talk to me. Gram managed to post all that and still steadily chat with me and Sugar Lips!
    Haha, I'd check...But I'm gonna post like a nut today! I feel like Gram winning is his way of challenging me, for some reason! >:D
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