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  • Yeah? Well no harm no foul. Kinda sucks though. I also remember that people have problems posting links and junk before they hit 100 posts. Maybe that was here? I'm not sure, it's to stop bots and stuff, but they always slip through the cracks regardless.

    What are you up to man? I still need to finish two more challenges before I complete the set! Whoo!
    No worries, man. I'm usually keeping to myself as well. Also, I hadn't noticed your other visitor messages before this point. I didn't see a notification for them, which is weird. Sorry about that XD
    I have a few stories, one of them still needs works. Both of them are Creepypastas sorta. Would you like to take a look see? I think one of them is PG-13.
    Yep and I put the leftovers in the fridge and the pot once it was rinsed into the sink. He won't get into any trouble now, I hope. How are you doing so far?
    Sorry if it's been awhile. I feel like I haven't been on Khinsider in awhile. I have some things going on in my life. And, my kitten has another thing in common with me. We are both fearless, because he attempted to walk on the stove while it was cooking. I put him in my bedroom before he got burnt.
    There are better ways of asking that instead of laughing at other people.
    You are aware this is a public forum? No matter what you may think of what other fans say or do, you can't talk down to them as if they will never be able to read your posts. That is common sense.
    I deleted your post in this thread because we don't tolerate flamebaiting.
    Sorry about that. Anyways, I am excited with the new haircut I got. All I need is some styling gel and get my hair highlighted.
    Yeah, she is just resorting to demeaning people now, instead of just admitting her faults or ignoring everybody. I am kind of stressed out with listening to this. Yeah, it does help to ignore people. Trolls shouldn't be taken seriously.
    She is ranting about what people are writing about and it's on Youtube. I have mixed feelings towards this lady. Why should she care what a bunch of people are writing about her on Youtube? I don't know what to think. I pity her and I am kind of mad at her as well.

    There is something that she said that just made me furious right now. I mean, I don't think people that commit suicide are dumb. How dare she! How dare she say I and so many people else are going to rot in Hades.

    Sorry for the deep drama, but ugh...
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