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  • Old habits die hard XD, nah but really, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things myself =3. And it is true, the sections seems rather desolate and with hardly as much activity as it used to have, but well some of us are really trying hard =). There will be a wave of new RPs coming soon, the section just needs a strong and potent injection of lightness and fun XD. I'm not in any at the moment but have been pondering joining R.E.M. in the Originals Section. That or making my own RP (Which I usually mess up every time) but I'd rather try than watch on the side lines. Kid A might start some RP, I'm just bidding my time to be honest XD.

    Anything caught your attention?
    Thank you <3, It is good to see you on here too =D, I'm glad you're doing great as well =).

    And you're right, it isn't as it used to be before, somethings got better and others, well, dulled a bit but it is still a very nice place to frequent =3. There are still some of the old faces left around, and some new ones =3. I hardly linger outside of the Role playing section much, even if I'm low (near non-existent) on activity XD
    Hiya Kiba =). Lolz yeah, long time =3, I've been great, absolutely invested into my own little world of nonsense which is quite nice after a long stressful time!
    How about you =3? Hope Life's faring with you better~
    KIBAAAAAAAAAAA-Kun!!!!!!!! =D

    You're Actually on 8D *glompage*

    How've you been? It's been a while since we talked XD -looks at the date of last VM-
    I'm exhausted merely by hearing this ;-; ...I'm ..WAY BETTER THAN YOU, that's for sure. How can you handle all that at once?
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