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  • KSX! longtime no talk, its been years. It's Troy(TGFX, Patius, Finalkeyblade). Hope you are doing well
    Why hello there, I remember you! Its pokepotterkhkids :3 How have you been? :) Nice to see some people haven't changed their names lol
    I feel terrible for not seeing your message for months! To be fair, I haven't logged on in a VERY long time, haha. Anyway, I am doing fine. And yourself? It's been to long!
    How've you been KSX?

    Probably not for a long ways away, somebody will get promoted again. I agree that Spockanort would make a good choice for next admin though. :D

    I think it's the gradually horror of a titan being able to kill human beings our size that makes it popular. One of the few most graphic anime shows there is. Arguably, Future Diary, Tokyo Ghoul, and Deadman Wonderland would probably be able to beat it by a long shot. I understand where you're coming from, since some of it can get dull, if there's no action to it right away.

    Sounds nice. If I ever had someone to rp 1v1 it'd be awesome. Of course, I'd worry about creating spam, but I don't think it's much different from "battles".
    No kidding about the amount of characters you have. Sure are quite a few psychotic and a-hole characters you have there too. I imagine they're a lot of fun to play as in a rp. xD I think your fifth character intrigues me the most.

    How are you feeling about Naruto ending sometime in Nov? Any thoughts on the pregnant woman?
    I want you to be proud of me! I got a free photo-editing app and made my own avatar~
    Sure; it's not you or Surreal Recusant, but I'm so happy that I created the fire effect that I can't go to sleep! :D
    Nope. Having a rash of bad luck in everything I do, but other than that...I think I'm alright.

    Did you get my request at your shop? I want this one to last all month! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I only get to celebrate for 31 days!
    I just realized that I don't have a conversation going with you!
    What is up, man!? :D

    Also: My avie looks superb on your page. I shall hafta plaster it all over.
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