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  • Ahhhhh thank you so much you're the only guy left who still fulfills requests

    It's amazing af man keep it up
    Ah who knows, its been 8 years in development, so logical assumptions are out the window.
    I believe what your talking about is a demo that you get when you get Type-0, which comes out is in March. I may have to pick that up just for the demo, but that game also does look pretty good.
    Perhaps. I'm not really sure what level I'd have to be to qualify like Taochan. :3 I think Master Spockanort or Ruran would make good admins themselves. I'm not in a hurry to be in such high power. I might mess things up. xD Seriously though; Thank you.

    Annie is from Attack on Titan and Homura is from Madoka Magica.

    What are 1x1 rps like? Is it yourself and one other person to rp with? (I wish we had that here. At one time, I would of liked to have done this.) The both of them sound really cool. I'm curious what your original characters are like. Unfortunately, I haven't ever played FFXII, so I won't know much about the storyline.

    You have a point there, KSX. xD I enjoyed team seven fighting together. The power ups were nice. But I think what bothered me most was how Obito did the switch around, and ended up helping. I mean, it kind of fell flat, once that change around happened. Madara was a decent villain, and I was enjoying his shining moments until Kaguya showed up. Afterwards, I stopped reading it, and then returned to it, once that was said and done. In any case, any man for himself, I think? xD

    The car show was a lot of fun, somewhat long, because of how long we stayed there, but the cars were really nice and classy. I ended up sunburned kind of bad, but its faded away now. Of course. There were also trucks and people throwing free stuff from their vehicles at you. xD
    Oh gosh, I don't know about that, King Sora X. I think I prefer being purple. xD lol.

    Yeah. I worried too much about spoiling everybody else, before finally saying to heck with it, and wore the tags proudly. I'm sorry about that btw. I shouldn't of waited as long as I did, and felt pretty bad about it.

    Glad to hear you're doing well, King Sora. What are your roleplays like on the other website you go to? Any of them fun? (I understand that. Its been slow with everyone missing or doing real life stuff. Its still fun though, when things get moving again. x3) Oh? You'd be the first person to tell me its leading up to having a good ending! What do you like about this arc?

    I'm doing well! Yup, things have been good. I still keep up with Bleach and One Piece. That aside, its been a lot of anime, or enjoying the summer to the fullest. Got to see Guardians of the Galaxy last week. Before that, I got to see a car show. Otherwise, things will be getting busy with everybody going back to school and running around every where. xD
    Thank you, King Sora X. =D

    Purple is a nice color.

    Ah, has it really been that long already? Gosh, I feel like I requested a set from you awhile ago. xD The Riruka is my top favorite, and the one I always go back to after awhile. I like the avie the most, because of how she looks like she's going to eat a heart. Best tag ever. <3

    So, how is King Sora X been doing lately? (I dropped Naruto a few weeks ago btw. I hear its gotten pretty bad.)
    I am cucumber cool, at the moment. I think I just had a very successful interview, so I might have WiFi again, soon :D
    You have no excuse, you worthless tart! X3

    My friend went to see Ninja Turtles. I am INSANELY jealous. I wanna see Donnie ;A;
    Yeah, Soulless Sam definitely has some intense moments in Season 6! He really becomes an unlikable character in some aspects, but then you think about how it's not his fault and it's just like "maaaannn~". You are definitely in for some good stuff dude.
    Haha, you're a riot! X'D
    No, the boonies is short for 'boondocks,' which roughly translates to 'the hills' in America.
    Originally a Filipino word, bundok meant mountains. Now it pretty much just stands for a backwards, out-of-the-way small town in the middle of nowhere. That's where I call home~
    Yup, its still here among the many other sets you've made me in the past. <333 One of favorites for being so strikingly blue and beautiful. I also like the design a lot that went into it. <3
    Naw, the people out here are harmless. They're actually pretty well-off I'd guess since all the houses are new. I remember when it was just fields out here, and I'm only 18 for goodness' sake! Everyone has a dog, too :3
    And the rain ain't dangerous! In a place like this you can see really far away. The showers were probly half an hour out, at the closest.

    I just realized how silly that last statement of mine was in the previous message XD
    I'm good! Just sitting on a rock 20mins from my house in the boonies, watching curtains of rain fall far away. Cool stuff. I don't get signal out here for my phone unless I walk to this spot :3

    Also gonna be using the library wifi tomorrow if all goes well. I'll be able to post like a nutter :D
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