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  • You're welcome. =D

    It sounds like she's avoiding you. The girl might of had a change of heart, and fears confrontation about you being into her. However, if you value your friendship with her, and want to clear the air between the two of you, you should go directly to her and ask her, what's going on. Instead of her playing games with you, and just ask her to be honest with you too. :3

    I'm sorry things aren't going as smoothly as you might of hoped though. I don't know from personal experience, but hopefully things work out with you and the girl, or maybe the girl you're looking for, will come waltzing into your life someday.
    I got to give props, cause the remixes you make are awesome after all.

    Thank you for telling me where it came from! Gosh, it probably would of taken me days to figure out it was from the Assassin's Creed: Revelations trailer. Kind of makes me want to play the game now, after so long. xD But seriously; thank you!
    Hey king_mickey rule!

    I thought I'd stop by to tell you that I still listen to your music on SoundCloud. I like some of the song remixes you made from awhile ago. :3 There is one song in particular that baffles me. What was "Hard as Iron" remixed from? I haven't a clue what the original song was, but it sounds familiar to me. xD
    Damn, 16 Disney worlds? Sounds epic! Hopefully you guys don't have to compromise in regards to size and length at all. I could help you out with things like concept art/design and monster design now. Would you be interested in something like that?
    Oh yeah, haha derp. Idk why I asked that now that I think about it lol. For sure, if I can produce stuff that I think is good enough I'll show it to you so you can have a look. How long are you trying to make the game, have you guys thought about that in detail?
    Cool stuff dude, how many people do you have working on it currently? Do you have plans of this being a commercial game, or free to play? I know, sorry, a lot of questions lol. I just came across Rpg Maker VX Ace about 2 months ago. I've always wanted to make games or make art for games, so I saw this as a potential opportunity. I started watching tutorials on the program and came across this guy who made a series for that on youtube. His vids were very helpful and it led me to find out about a game that he is making called Toby's Island. Toby's Island [PC] - Kickstarter Trailer - YouTube Its like Pokemon x Harvest Moon. Anyway, I saw this and was like wow, this looks pretty good!

    What you've got so far looks good, keep it up! How long do you anticipate development to be at this point? I might be interested in helping you guys out with some of your art/image assets at a later date. I say this because I need more practice and experience with my skills.
    I see. I just checked out their website, I see that Hearthstone was made with Unity. No that I've played that game, its on their main page being showcased. It looks like a lot can be done with this engine. How long have you been using it? Where are you guys at now, have you found a pixel artist?
    Img 20140621 213753 by ienzo628 on deviantART His name is Mheetu, a deleted character from the Lion King who was Nala's little brother.
    Yeah, I agree that Lt did have some, as you put it, lazy song-structuring going on. I think it was more of a fan-service album if anything else. Still, it had some good ones on it.

    Any other bands/artists that you obsess over as much as LP?
    I still listen to ATS. I might have been super critical of it when it first came out, but now I respect what they did with it.

    Yeah, that's something I like a lot too. They're going into their roots, but still making new material. I'm super glad that LP is on a "we are going to release a new album every 18 months" type of mentality. What they did in-between Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns wasn't really what was best imo.
    I am a bit glad they're doing this. Their last album had hints of the heavy stuff, but this one seems to be back to what they sounded like on their first album. I bet people will find reasons to complain though. If they do, then I shall weep for them. xD
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