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    What would Marluxia have done had he succeeded in taking over Org 13?

    Basically as the title says. If Marluxia successfully turned Sora into his puppet, and managed to beat Xemnas and take over the Organization, what would he have actually done with his newfound power? Would he just sort of continue to rule over the Nobodies indefinitely with no real long term...
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    What's Maleficent's & Pete's plans (if any) going forward?

    Oh, Xanatos could certainly rival Xehanort, but he doesn’t really fit the spot for a recurring Disney villain. I don’t imagine he’d embrace Darkness and send out the Heartless to try to conquer and devour other worlds, for instance. He’s far too pragmatic and sane for the sort of things that’d...
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    What's Maleficent's & Pete's plans (if any) going forward?

    Ursula, Jafar, and Captain Hook all worked to capture the Princesses of Heart so the Final Keyhole could be completed. Hook got the wrong girl, but he was trying either way. Hades on the other hand was using the tournament on his world to kill Sora and thus get rid of one of the biggest threats...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event held in Tokyo on April 10th

    Don’t you dare manifest such things into this world.
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    Spoilers ► What are your theories about Darkness?

    …or to be more specific, the 13/7 Willful Darknesses introduced in Union X? I find them to be a very interesting concept, and one that can go a lot of cool and fun places, and I can’t wait to see what happens with them in future games. And, on that same token, I wanna hear what theories and...
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    What's Maleficent's & Pete's plans (if any) going forward?

    Well, now that Xehanort and all his various selves are gone for good, Maleficent is probably able to fully stake her claim over the Heartless. At the very least I don’t see the Foretellers trying to control them. Considering that Darkness assisted her in getting back to her own time in UX, I...
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    What would Kingdom Hearts be like if it was primarily about Disney?

    So, this is just a random question I thought up (inspired by a fanfiction wiki thing I saw that seems….not quite good and which I won’t name for politeness sake) and thought it made be interesting to see what answers people have; what do you think Kingdom Hearts would be like of Disney was truly...