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  • My idea for kingdom hearts: Revamp is now posted! here's the rough draft.

    My Idea as far as story-wise brings me to a more modern kingdom hearts (preferably a City) with a cocky street tough kid named Katsu. He acquires a keyblade after stumbling into an abandoned warehouse, only to find a gummiship. He starts tampering with it, and is rocketed into outerspace. There he gets an overview of the vast amountof worlds that are there. He starts fiddling with the controls and is blasted off. He then ends up on an odd island city (Destiny Islands). He runs into a few passerbys who tell him to seek out master's Sora and Riku. He meets, them and they agree to send him home at one cost: He must help them defeat OmegaRide.

    OmegaRide is a giant beast filled with sorrow from peoples hearts. When kingdom hearts was destroyed, it's ability to give those without hearts, hearts, It gave OmegaRide the ability to live. Being full of sorrow OmegaRide decided to give people what he thought they wanted: the end of life. Sora and Riku figured out what OmegaRide was (With the help of Yen Sid) and have been looking for someone with heart, and soul capable of helping destroy OmegaRide. Katsu Agrees to help, but wishes to learn the ways of the keyblade. On their way to their adventure, they encounter the Malum: the OmegaRide's spawns. Each created with a cracked heart, and an expression of sorrow on their faces. They clear the island of the Malum, create a giant Reflectga, around the island (to ward off more Malum) and start their adventure.

    I want to tell a story in a whole new perspective, i don't want it to seem like mickey mouse is holding my hand telling me everything will be okay. I want to be told a serious story with realistic problems.

    I intended for this story to be about finding a place you belong, but also to be about the importance of friendship.

    I feel like if my story were to work with the preset storyline, i would need to be far more surreal. in a sense that i give the player a stroy where things don't always work out.

    I think the current narrative is fine. i want there to be a start and a finish in one, but to also allow for divergence, at times.

    I intend to have the player understand the concept early on so they don't have to relentlessy guess and miss.

    as previously stated, i intend to tell a story that is more serious than previous titles. I want them to laugh, cry, fall in love with the characters. and still be under the spell of the story.

    My story is about finding your place, and friendship. As far as finding your place, my character is going to places he's never been, and wants to belong to based on what he sees. And it's this drive that he makes stupid choices, that those close to him are what he must rely on.

    I intend to end it with a sequel being hinted at. I intend to have an ending that is different from previous titles (excluding kingdom hearts one) where not everything turns out the way the character intends. I want to show not everything is perfect.

    I intend to keep the perspective purely on the main character, as not to confuse or dilute from the main story.

    This is Just my rough draft, but tell me what you think! i thought i would call this Kingdom Hearts: ReVamp
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