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  • Well the thing with Arin is that he can obviously play the Rev's parts. I saw them live when Arin was touring with them and it held together. Maybe it was just that one song, so that's why I'm reserving saying anything more until the whole thing is out
    No rush man haha.
    But yeah it gets better as you listen to it. Not their best work but it's pretty good. But man those drums are too simplistic haha. Me and my friend joke about it.
    They definitely got that 80s sound I would say
    Thanks Bro,
    I totally forgot about Musician Friend lol That where i got my Trumpet when back when i was in band in middle school..
    I think i will pick up a bass from here when i get some extra cash again.
    I'll listen to it but not a fan of it, it's the odd one out.
    When they incorporate all the orchestral sounds in, it sounds amazing. Sounds like they'll have another Little Piece of Heaven in this new album called All Hail Andronikos
    Oh I bet it plays like heaven haha. But yeah like every song on Nightmare is amazing, except maybe Danger Line, never cared much for that one. I saw them live back two years ago, it wasn't with Portnoy it was after that but it was still the greatest concert I've ever been to.
    Haha yep, favorite band. But it's hard to pick a favorite for me. Definitely their newer stuff, I like some of the first two albums but not much of it. Their latest three I've got every song for, as for favorite I'd probably go with Nightmare. Save Me is just an absolute masterpiece.
    It surprised me too at first, although I think it helps that we have a community that doesn't abuse that freedom, and therefore the staff gets less complaints. Some sites with limits even consider it a privilege for users to have sigs, since there are also sites that just don't use them at all. I think it's just that our staff focuses more on the site's professional aspects, and lets the forum community run itself (to an extent). I think it works out beautifully.

    And glad I could help. :)
    Technically speaking, there is no programmed limit, or at least one that would stop images of noticeably large sizes. You could probably have an image as tall as 1000pxl, I'm guessing.
    However, it's generally assumed that no one wants to scroll down a large image every time you that you post, so it's forum etiquette to avoid tall sigs like that. Personally, I think 500pxl is a reasonable height limit to set yourself.

    That being said, I can't say that a mod won't say something different, but I think their answer would be the same: "As long as it doesn't make scrolling down difficult."
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