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  • Marine Biology
    Dramatics / Participation in Government (second semester)
    Astronomy / Economics
    AP European History
    AP English Literature (not american, more like british lit and shakespeare and stuff)
    Health / Creative Writing
    Haha it's fine, I totally understand. I started school on tuesday. So what classes are you taking?
    Oh my goodness! I'm sorry i forgot :/
    Yesterday was such a stressful day :/
    Hiya Catherine! haa :(
    Yeah, it really is annoying. Every time an adult sees me and decides to strike up a conversation with me, they immediately go "So what college do you wanna go to?" and I'm like "IDK LEAVE ME ALONE" ><

    and oh god yes. enjoy sophomore year while you can, cause junior year sucks. So far, of the past 3 years, sophomore year was my favorite.
    Well that's good, then. I'm taking creative writing too, and I can't wait cause it's my english teacher from last year and she's like my favorite teacher of all time.<3

    Hell yeahhhh, seniors '11! And uhhhhhhhhhhh kinda? Let's not talk about that though, I'm kind of sick of it. x_x
    True, true. How are your other teachers?

    Ah, nice. I'm gonna be a senior in high school. 8D It starts next tuesday, eep!
    i would argue more cause i do not agree with you but me and my friends get into discussions like this and it goes on for hours :p
    i'm kate!!
    i'm gonna get some sleep but reply so i can reply tomorrow! :)
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