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  • Hey Kiwi! Yes, it's been such a long time. I hope we that we can catch up soon. Do you have Skype? :3 Or Tumblr? I'm usually on there. That or Twitter these days. But yes, we need to catch up and talk Disney and other shenanigans. <3 We do need to catch up again. c:
    Don't worry, I added you, Dotachin! ;3

    Not at all. Message me, whenever you have the free time, and I hope you're doing well. =3 Then I'll keep calling you Dotachin, since you're the only one who can wear that name like a badass and own it. lol. Good! You should definitely watch it, when it finally begins to air. I know myself and Anagram will be watching it, once they start releasing episodes of season 2. I hope it doesn't take long, cause I want more Izaya and Shizuo. And no, I don't pair them together. xD
    Is this for real? you're back on khi?

    ACNL is fun..don't knock it. Message me on skype! when you can.
    Yea, it's still a passion, although even that can be hampered by RL duties from time to time.
    With the few free time I have available, there have been also several games been piled up I couldn't yet even start to play.
    I guess that would be the most sufficient solution, although you could probably find out were you left off by looking towards which chapter you answered last to (still, you probably have forgotten about the narrative anyways, *ggg*).

    I rather have no choice but to multitask, as I do not want to give up things like this forum anyways.
    Good to have you back. ^__^

    Hong Kong is great! The weather is warm and the food is awesome. There's really nothing that I don't like. I'm here as an exchange student so I've been here since January and I'm gonna go home in the end of May. Or more like, I leave Hong Kong on the 24th of May and gonna go to Tokyo for a week and then I come back home on the 2nd of June. I go to Tokyo because I'm so close. It's pretty cheap to fly there from HK. If I was in Finland, I wouldn't go there xD
    I've been doing fine. Glad to hear you're doing well! What have you been doing lately.
    I'm alright xD It's been pretty boring lately since nothing's really been happening in terms of news, though that little KH social game keeps me busy on the site. Just trying to juggle work, KHI and gaming time right now. I finally got a PS3 a year ago and have been trying to run through the games I've accumulated since!
    Kiwi! You've returned?! *hugs you* What brings you back to this ol place? Gosh, its been ages, since I've last seen you! We seriously need to catch up! Tell me what's happened with you these past two years!

    Also, can I still call you 'Dotachin'? :D

    Did you hear about a season two of Durarara?

    Thank you for the congrats. Funny how things work out down the road. xD Oh yeah, I can't leave this place, I have too many bonds that bring me back, and responsibilities now. lol. Oh! I did end up getting a 3DS after all. Here's my friend code: 3153-4176-7762
    Hey Kiwi, nice to hear from ya again.
    Everything good here except some work stress, but that's something that is to be expected with several projects running at once.
    Yep, still remember despite it being over a year.
    The story is still running smoothly, already up to chapter 57 right now.
    In fact, during christmas break last year I actually revamped the whole story into a trilogy of separate stories because there is just too much to tell in order to fit in one single story.
    Hi Kiwi! I don't know if you come here that much, but I miss you and hope you're having fun with your friends. ^^
    That's still a reasonable time I'd say.

    For me it's often the very opposite. I see how many days have already passed and realize how few things I that I wanted to do got actually accomplished.
    Yeah, maybe as an incentive for one to come on more, lol.
    I have finished the story by now once and try to accomplish more stuff in the reports.
    Haha, yeah, but I am strictly speaking of story completion though, 100% in three days would really be unrealistic.

    Yep, the access point decided to let me online for a few hours again. <333

    I have the guidebook for DDD by now, but except locations for treasure chests, Link portal locations and tips for the dive sequences it isn't really as helpful as the guides for the other games in the KH series.
    Meh, that's too much RL interfering really.

    I never said you would be the one, it's the net that seems to get always gets interested in goading you to give away more of your private data with every passing month. And what is once sent into the net can't be taken out of it anymore without very much effort. This hasn't anything to do with you as a person.
    I don't know if we already talked about it, but my PC is already pretty old as well, so I have more or less only email beside some forums I am a member in. To be honest, I never owned any instant messenger or something, not even during school times. I know GMail has a chat-function since I used that sometimes with a friend, but that's practically all about it, lol.
    I am like that too haha.
    Alaska is just too cold for me. XD I am not that great with cold weather. I like tropical places so I would probably love Hawaii.

    No thanks. XD Teaching would not be my thing. I am not good at making people do work.
    I beat it a few days ago finally. I really did take my time. I got a lot of trophies beforehand too. I was trying to get the secret ending the first time around and got so close! It will not take me long to get it. I loved the ending though X) it was great! Now I need KH3!!!
    Me too! I was not a fan of Coraline, but yeah Tim Burton made them both with Disney.

    I have not been on for like two weeks now. It might be a awhile longer for me. XD
    It took me like exactly two weeks to beat it! Sorry I have not replied on Swapnote. I still have not gotten anymore stationary though haha.
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