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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    i don't want any demos... just give me the game... anyway... i've preordered it so i'll have it by the 28th of september. I sure waited long enough....why do i even live in Europe if i'm such a game/anime freak?
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    passio or sanctuary?

    although it might be weird to write down... the japanese one is cooler to sing along with... i like it more than the english one... I can't really believe that Sanctuary exists longer than passion... :p
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    Rikus new look

    yeah... but although I'm a girl... when i was around 14 years old, i grew about 20 cm on a whole year.... so it can be possible... I know guys who grew a lot between their 15th and 16th birthday
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    Rikus new look

    right on.... he was ok in KH and is ok in KH2 I only don't like the length of his hair... it's just too long... it'd better be something like KAdaj in Advent Children..
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    Sora Heartless Form ...

    thanks for this (i can't look... i'm one of those lucky europeans...) but i always thought that the purple form (as i read it somewhere) was a form in which you melt together with riku, and if you do that, you'll get purple clothes... i thought this was the darkness form (something like that)...
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    Secret Kh2 commercial msg?

    most people i know say it' => I need more affection than you know... emotions sounds better though
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    Sora Heartless Form ...

    isn't it some kind of punishment for when you've used the drive bar too much? thought i read something about that somewhere...
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    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    i would never use a strategy guide... it just wouldn't feel the same... i would never feel as if i'd beaten the game on my own...
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    About Roxas' English Voice... ^^;

    I don't think they're all on the B-list... i mean... Haley's a great actor... and mandy moore has sold a lot of cd's... but still I can't cope with the fact that Jesse McCartney will do Roxas' part...I mean... i said it once...but that was only a joke. I never thought they would really cast...
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Re: Pa-Pa-Pa PASSION!!!! yeah... japanese... Well...Simple and clean has more different versions... but i guess they might make some nex remixes from this song too...
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    We're screwed

    1. Awesome Ofcourse...What did you think?? 2. I wouldn't fuse... 3. Risingf falls i guess... not far from Hollow Bastion 4. How should i know? 5. just give me a keyblade :)
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    MORE English lines in PASSION!

    i've never said i don't believe it... i just said it was weird :)
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    MORE English lines in PASSION!

    okey... you guys are totally insane... secret messages in japanese songs...
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    Worst Rumors.

    and if someone actually plyed the expert mode... they would know that it wasn't true :p i still stick to the thing that they said that the org is some kind of sect... and that they just want Sora, BHK and the others to join them :)