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  • haha That bad? I hadn't played it in ages either. Spam holy waters. It's what I did on the original DMC4. lmao *trolled the troll that is dante to win*
    haza! Those part time jobs suck ass dont they? x'D
    DMC4life. How far are you in DMC4?
    I dont see many that grab my interest either but when I do they are good ones. Like the Five Night At Freddy and Link is dead videos.

    That's the second time I've seen someone say even 06 was better....that....is incredibly sad.

    See ya sir.
    Ugh Knuckles boom.....speaking of a video do you wach game theorists?
    I heard Boom did horribly.

    lmao That would be good. xD
    A hour!? o_0 I'm lucky to get anime episodes on this thing....what kinda rant is he making?

    lmao Not even Jenova is as bad as a Capcaom Exec. xD
    Life sucks. Leaders are making the country suck. Just fuck it.

    No I haven't seen it. o_0 I'll have to watch it when my internet is doing better.
    I can't imagine any indepth on the the series being of a positive view though. haha
    That aint nothing my friend. My aunt went to New York and say bags of M&M's for twenty dollars.
    I also have that in one eye. It's a pain in the ass. I imagine money will only get tighter too. Nothing about the country situation is getting better.
    Job hunting is a bitch thanks to old Uncle Sam. =__=
    Glasses are a pain in the ass too. Why are they getting so high? D=
    I played it because well ya never know till ya do and....yeah your better off. Get DMC4 Special Edition and enjoy the old universe revival~
    When you sit and think on it it's the only logical explanation yet one that's been so annoying over the years. haha
    I see a lot of people loving the DMC4 special edition despite the initial versions bitching. That rebooted crap really must've offended people. haha
    I know right? It's been such an aggravation for so long. Not because you couldn't tell but because they just wont confirm this shit. x'D
    Random feel good drop off!
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