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  • *Terra voice* You mean you've been spying on me?
    no problem anyway~ xD my timezone makes me catch the Americas inactive most of the time. Well, of course, I don't know if you're from those continents, but that would be the most probable answer to the question of your location, given our differences in activity hours.

    All this sounded so much like Death Note. You seem like an interesting person to me, according to the way you speak.

    Why does this sound so much like Death Note even now xD
    Hmm....good pick. For most use I stick with Rebellion as well but when I feel like showing off I spam Pandora. Pandora is so hax man when you learn to use all it's modes and gunslinger style. xD
    I was able to beat them except the last one but it wasnt easy for me. haha I hoarded and spammed holy water.

    That scene was honestly just perfect in every way shape and form. lmao Even the scene post fight.
    haha. Did you ever play the harder modes?

    I was indifferent. I really enjoyed the Dante vs mothguy boss fight though. haha
    Aww...well I'm not surprised. The number of people that buys nintendo has dropped over the years. lol
    I wish Bayonetta 2 was on PS4.

    I abused the level select after I beat mission 19 the first time. haha
    I didn't enjoy the normal Credo fight to much personally.
    You dont have anyone to play it with then? D=
    They spruced but 2 is definitely the shining part of the deal. Even the story is good. I can honestly say you'll feel bad for Balder from the first game.

    Ugh I hated that dice game to high hell and back. I'd have rather just went straight to a boss fight.
    DMC4 definitely had the better gameplay but it sucked you could only use Dante for 5 missions. =x

    Speaking of her have you played Bayonetta 2? It is actually better than the first in so many ways! =D
    All I ask is for a special PS4, updated, version of DMC3. DMC3 was the peak of greatness.
    Exactly. Now if it had just been based or even just made using DMC elements then they may have had a decent thing going.
    That's what I like to hear! I've played them all as well! Sadly I tried the reboot, it's a joke. However I think if they had made the reboot it's own thing it would've fared better. Like a "Devils Never Cry" or something. Something loosely using DMC, but not a direct reboot.
    I've played them all but 3 and 4 are the ones I like most. I wish 3 was getting the PS4 port. haha

    Well that's to be expected of the times.

    Hell yeah it is! I never owned Lttp myself though. TnT
    Oh man the SNES! Mine still works...barely. I didn't have many games for it though.
    Action adventure you say? =D
    I'm would feel a bit torn on that kind of ending. Ah man I miss the 90s. <3

    I've never heard of those games either. D=
    Ah man that would kinda suck if everyone forgot. D=

    It kinda reminds me of a couple animes of a terraformed earth as well. haha
    I'm sorry. I can't watch the video where I am right now. D=
    What you said sounds interesting though. So this being terraformed the whole planet?
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